Friday, October 08, 2010


One flat tire + a very messy desk = a very crafty day!!!

And then, next day, air was put in the flat tire with bicycle pump, so it could be dragged to the reapir shop... sort of like riding a three-legged horse!!!
And then, they fail to take out the nail (oh, the joys of driving on a road where construction never ends...ever!) because it was too far out at the edge :(
So, replace the tire... oh yeah, and then there was not a tire that would match... so a little wait which got a little longer and then a close match was put in and it still feels funny! And it cost $138.00 only!!!
Moral of the story: Nothin is perfect, there's always some good thrown in with the bad... in this case, it was my day off from driving :)
Happy weekend!

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