Monday, July 19, 2010

An easy tutorial for a simple summer project

I posted a tutorial over at the Cocoa Daisy blog. You can use the same basics to create an album for any theme really.
Just finished up a bunch of CHA projects and now need to clean my room up. It is out of control and I'm having to do advanced level gymnastics to reach my work table!!!
The kids have become so dark this summer... all that sun and chlorine! It's CRAZY hot here...
Hope summer's treating you well and you are keeping cool :)


Smitha said...

I totally understand the doing gymnastics to reach the work table!! I need to clean my work area too, and do it quick! Its just that I don't feel like throwing out anything.. am such a junk collector :D

On another note, Creating keepsakes liked one my layouts and are gonna print it !!! Am excited...

Hámos Beáta (betsie) said...

Mou, just wanted to let you know how your gorgeous work inspire me in CK.
Scrapbook is not well known yet in my country, so I always find inspiration in foreign magazines and blogs. You're one of my favourites! :)
Love from Hungary, Europe