Wednesday, May 05, 2010


This is Teacher Appreciation week. The Homeroom moms in Nini's 2nd grade and Gifted program classes have sent us a small list of things the awesome teachers like. But we have been referring to that list for Christmas, birthdays, etc. and I felt the need to think beyond it, to give a very personal gift and not just a gift card (although those are NOT bad at all!)... so, I made them scrapbooks! 12x12 albums with a few completed pages inside... letters and special memories that Nini had with them. They will have more pages to fill with this year's class pictures, events, etc. if they so wish :) Here's the first page from Mrs. J's album:

Other than these, I have made several cards to let these wonderful people know in our small way that they are loved and appreciated more than we can express in words.

On another note of appreciation, I have to say that we do not always appreciate what and how much we have... recently, a friend of ours went through a series of mishaps and let's just say that we are blessed to still have her in our lives... Linda. And in my few years of scrapping, I have found the scrapbooking community to always come together to stand by a friend... in that spirit, Tricia Canonico of Cocoa Daisy, Ali Edwards, Big Picture Scrapbooking and many other loving folks have joined hands to stand by Linda. You can find out more about this effort and we'll be so very thankful if you help us spread the word.

Have a blessed day :)

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RobinJ said...

What a great idea and what a beautiful LO!
Hugs, RobinJ