Friday, March 19, 2010

Some week

this was!!! But before I get into details, let me THANK YOU for your support with the cover voting. Linda's layout, option # 2 won and it will be a cute cover for the next Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks. But I'll have this little souvenir to keep :)

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Secondly, I APPRECIATE all of you who took time to stop by my Etsy shop this week and gave it a heart. A newbie like me can definitely use the encouragement :)
If you have any tips on how to improve things in this venture, please PLEASE tell me.

Number 3 on my list is my workshop tomorrow for Tampa Bay Scrapbooking Guild. I'm SO honored to be teaching their very first workshop. There's still time to sign up.

On Tuesday night, I had a severe allergic reaction to I don't know what. But I was puffy and itchy and could barely swallow. I caved and went to the doc Wednesday afternoon. She gave me some knock-out pills and a warning that if the swelling didn't reduce within an hour of the meds, call 911. Well, I didn't need to bother the folks at 911, but it took longer than 8 hours for things to start calming down. I'm still not myself and can use a nap. I'm still finishing the pills alongside Zyrtec and Benadryl and a lotion to soothe the itch. My taste buds have taken a hit for sure, bacause yesterday I did not like my pizza :( Why pizza, you wonder? 'Cause mama has not been able to cook!

Last but not the least, check out this Friday Guest Blogger post by Jaime Echt over at the CK blog. I love her templates. Thought you might love them too :)

So, if you have made it this far, a very happy weekend to you :)


Helen Tilbury said...

Sorry you have been sick Mou - I had the same thing & was given the same medication - who knows why these things suddenly happen? Didn't know what mine was caused from either...Congrats on your Etsy shop! Will keep checking in on you there...

Tyggereye said...

I wish I could go to your class tomorrow. I have to go to Orlando. I hope it goes well. It looks neat. Hope you'll be doing more in the area in the future. Post some pics of the class if you can! I love seeing that. ;)