Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grilled Pacific Salmon, cold, cold weather and new & old friends...

oh yes, delay at DFW and the soldier had a baby... these are just a few highlights from my CHA days :)

I flew out on the 21st afternoon from Tampa and reached Anaheim Hilton around 10:30pm PST... believe me, I loved waking up late next morning like 9-ish PST and I had actually slept till noon EST...that never EVER happens at home even when I'm sick!!! Ah well... I'm paying the price now... because my eyelids just don't stay open when I have to get two kiddos ready at 6-ish in the morning EST... but that was DIVINE. Period.

I didn't get to do booth hopping much, but still managed to see some fabulous people. It's just awesome to meet inspiring new friends and reconnect with old ones. Hi Marnie :)

The booths I loved MOST are 7 Gypsies (if you were there, did you not just LOVE the umbrella and the globe and the goodies and the people... oh well, I can totally go on forever) and Anna Griffin' SO SO elegant, classy just like the lovely lady herself. When I first started scrapping watching the DIY scrapbooking show, I used to gasp, "How did she do that!!!" So lucky to meet her in person.

I have pictures to post and stories to tell, but I've to scoot now to pick up the kiddos and go to karate. So, until then... :)

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ivy said...

it was so great to meet you at CHA. i truly admire your work!! (i posted a pic on my blog)