"No Place Like Home" A Fresh Coloring Book for the Home Lover

"No Place Like Home" A Fresh Coloring Book for the Home Lover
This Coloring Book was featured in the TV show Make It Artsy.

"Farm Fresh" Printable Coloring Book

"Farm Fresh" Printable Coloring Book

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grilled Pacific Salmon, cold, cold weather and new & old friends...

oh yes, delay at DFW and the soldier had a baby... these are just a few highlights from my CHA days :)

I flew out on the 21st afternoon from Tampa and reached Anaheim Hilton around 10:30pm PST... believe me, I loved waking up late next morning like 9-ish PST and I had actually slept till noon EST...that never EVER happens at home even when I'm sick!!! Ah well... I'm paying the price now... because my eyelids just don't stay open when I have to get two kiddos ready at 6-ish in the morning EST... but that was DIVINE. Period.

I didn't get to do booth hopping much, but still managed to see some fabulous people. It's just awesome to meet inspiring new friends and reconnect with old ones. Hi Marnie :)

The booths I loved MOST are 7 Gypsies (if you were there, did you not just LOVE the umbrella and the globe and the goodies and the people... oh well, I can totally go on forever) and Anna Griffin's...so SO SO elegant, classy just like the lovely lady herself. When I first started scrapping watching the DIY scrapbooking show, I used to gasp, "How did she do that!!!" So lucky to meet her in person.

I have pictures to post and stories to tell, but I've to scoot now to pick up the kiddos and go to karate. So, until then... :)

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ivy said...

it was so great to meet you at CHA. i truly admire your work!! (i posted a pic on my blog)