Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We are going on a trip in a little rocket ship...

Well, not quite... yesterday, we went on a field trip to Cracker Country at the State Fair Grounds. Nini went with her class and some of the moms teamed up to chaperone. We had a fun fun day :)It was blessing that it did not rain because it sure looked like it in the morning. It was breezy and cloudy making it perfect for an outdoor excursion. We learned about life in the late 1800s with no electricity, little money and a lot of hard work. A farmer made $25.00 a year!!! Suddenly, $25.00 seemed like a LOT of money. We bought some quills and ink powder as souvenirs and I know, we are going to enjoy trying out writing with quills. Another lovely thing we saw there were quilts...I have always had a thing for quilts...In fact, we do not use comforters at home. I LOVE quilts. If I knew how to sew, maybe I'd have tried making one, but I know that will not happen in this lifetime :(.If any of you are local to Tampa, FL and love old-fashioned things, you many want to check this place out:
Lately, I have started working on an art journal, you know, the totally unplugged type...just write and paint and not worry about products, etc. Hope to share some pics soon :)
My goal today is to organize my photo files and get some printed, so I can scrap them. But my computer is getting old and is getting SLOW and is becoming a pain when I need to do things fast. So, wish me patience today and have a swell day :)
On a parting note, Tricia's Cocoa Daisy event at Mykonos site is live now. Follow the link and you might find something you are looking for:

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