Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We are going on a trip in a little rocket ship...

Well, not quite... yesterday, we went on a field trip to Cracker Country at the State Fair Grounds. Nini went with her class and some of the moms teamed up to chaperone. We had a fun fun day :)It was blessing that it did not rain because it sure looked like it in the morning. It was breezy and cloudy making it perfect for an outdoor excursion. We learned about life in the late 1800s with no electricity, little money and a lot of hard work. A farmer made $25.00 a year!!! Suddenly, $25.00 seemed like a LOT of money. We bought some quills and ink powder as souvenirs and I know, we are going to enjoy trying out writing with quills. Another lovely thing we saw there were quilts...I have always had a thing for quilts...In fact, we do not use comforters at home. I LOVE quilts. If I knew how to sew, maybe I'd have tried making one, but I know that will not happen in this lifetime :(.If any of you are local to Tampa, FL and love old-fashioned things, you many want to check this place out:
Lately, I have started working on an art journal, you know, the totally unplugged type...just write and paint and not worry about products, etc. Hope to share some pics soon :)
My goal today is to organize my photo files and get some printed, so I can scrap them. But my computer is getting old and is getting SLOW and is becoming a pain when I need to do things fast. So, wish me patience today and have a swell day :)
On a parting note, Tricia's Cocoa Daisy event at Mykonos site is live now. Follow the link and you might find something you are looking for:

Monday, October 26, 2009


I have lost count of how many birdhouses we have. All are craft birdhouses ranging in price from a dollar to 15 dollars. I love finding cute and different bird feeders in flea markets. I just have a 'thing' for them. We never actually tried putting one outside. Around here, we get cardinals and an occasional humming bird. Hawks are pretty common too. I don't know anything about birds, but I'm fond of bird houses!!! They adorn various corners of our home. Here's one, Nini and I worked on recently.

The warm and lovely papers and accessories are from Cocoa Daisy's upcoming November kit.
Do you have something like this? Something you love and keep and collect that might not be all about real life purpose?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Something I'm working on

Usually, I share only finished projects on my blog. But there's something I cannot complete just yet, but also can not wait to share. So here it goes, my work in progress Holiday Journal. I was inspired by Ali Edward's December Daily, but never actually did anything like that before. My journal will span more than 25 days of December as our celebrations begin by the third week of November with our anniversary. Also, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas traditionally as we are not Christians. But when you live in a country where you are exposed to various religious and cultural festivities, you tend to adapt and create your own new family traditions. We do not eat turkey, but do count our blessings. We put up Christmas trees and decorate and feast and celebrate my hubby's birthday which happens to be on the 25th of December. What we celebrate most is the rare time we all get to spend together. It is not always a perfectly happy time because sometimes there are differences of opinion and disagreements over small things between us and the kids... but we'd rather pout and be together than be 100% at peace yet lonely. So, here it is - a place to record all the reasons for pouting and smiling this year :)

See that sticker on the cover, that's actually a snow globe!!! Cute isn't it? I can't stop shaking the page, he he :)They are from K & Company and are called Snow Globe Stickers.

The cardstocks are all by American Crafts and I trimmed them to 5x7 pieces. The patterned papers are from the Brenda Walton Evergreen Mat Pad. The colors are rich!The chipboard numbers and letters are foiled and vintage and comes with a variety of other shapes like Santa, snowman, etc. and the best part is that they are reversible!These are also from K & Company.

Take a closer look. That's a stamp. Look again, do you see the 'hidden' images. Everytime I look, I see something I had missed before. This one's my MOST FAVORITE of the good old-fashioned wood-mount rubber stamp collection by Inkadinkado.

I still haven't figured out how to bind the pages. If I can't figure something nice, I'll have to use loose leaf rings. I have some charms I want to add to this book too. This one's gonna keep me busy for a bit :)and a huge thanks to EK Success for sending me all these lovely new goodies to play with.

You guys have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This time of the year

is magical especially if you are lucky to live in a place where change of seasons are apparent or like us who manage a few days to get away to such a place... we took off last Thursday in our car toward the Smoky Mountains for a few colorful days. Usually, that works out quite wonderfully, but this time there was a twist in the story.
I had been feeling a chest cold since about the Sunday before (11th). Thought it would just pass with some Sudafed and Tylenol. Things started to get a little annoying when the coughing started, so I added Delsym to my list. By Wednesday, I could feel the need of a doctor. The PCP office was closed on Thursday and I decided I'll see her as soon as we get back.
Thursday morning, I woke up and got Nini ready for school and put her in the bus. Got a call from her school in an hour that she needs to be taken home as she had a slight fever. Ashis, who was on his way to work, turned back and picked her up. Took her to see the pediatrician and he said no streps or flu...just a little under the weather, so no meds unless things worsen.
I was dubious about leaving home, but Ashis said all will be fine. So we left.
We were not getting better and the colder weather wasn't helping. By Friday evening,Om complained about sore throat... things were only going downhill and we were already in the middle of the trip. Saturday, it SNOWED!!! Ashis who was taking care of us and driving was exhausted and kept saying, he felt cold. So I insisted we just get back home a day early and we did.
Monday, we went to our doctor and each of us got checked for everything again. We are negative on flu, swine flu, strep throat, ear infection...which is AWESOME!!! But this viral is killing us :(
I'm so behind on everything now. It would take weeks to catch up, that is if everything only gets better from hereon. So, please send us good health vibes... we are desparate!!!
And because you listened, here's a little share. Did it before falling sick.

This is with the November Cocoa Daisy kit. Check out the kit here:

To comment on your comments, I want to say THANKS for your kind comments:)
Artemis Jamaica, I'm super excited to be part of Elizabeth's book too.
Heidi, I e-mailed you girl. Talk to you soon.
Marlene, welcome to my blog. I'm in Tampa and you can check back here time to time for some upcoming crop info. I don't belong to any cropping group because I can hardly keep up with the changing needs of my family and if I add anything more the plate will drop :)

Have a happy week :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Long time...

Well, decided to blog something today after a busy and sick two weeks... not too much to say, just wanted to break the non-blogging pattern! So, here's one of my Cocoa Daisy October layouts.

Have a swell day!