Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

... :)
I started the morning late... ate cake.
My goal today was to do something to make each of my loved ones happy... I took the kids to the store to choose a pet fish, got a stainless steel waterbottle so Ashis can drink healthier water throughout the day when he is stuck in his cabin at work and chatted with mom and dad.
Ashis cooked me a special lunch. I got a new scanner. Then when the kids napped we watched a fun movie together.
But, I still had some special friends for whom I have some eye candy :)

Enjoy your long weekend and hope you find some creative time :)


Heidi E. said...

Happy Birthday Mou... Hope it was a great day!!!! Love the new layouts.. Very beautiful..

Queen of Paper said...

Happy birthday... mey dear friend! I wish I called you on your special day, but we were moving! It's beena crazt month!

I miss our chats. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Love ya my scrappy sista!

Helen Tilbury said...

Looking forward to getting my kit ;-D Not too sure about it this month but see Ali has done a lovely mini-album - maybe I will make something like that to keep all the papers together as they are not quite my usual style. Happy {belated} birthday to you Mou ;-D