Monday, August 10, 2009

Mother and child

...that used to be the title of many many masterpieces by various painters as I browsed art history and collection books. I loved the beautiful soft feeling of those pieces, almost inviting you to touch the chubby pink cheeks of the angelic children playing in the presence of their relaxed reluctant and beautiful mothers.
But those pieces never made me realize the beauty of the bond between mother and child... no, you cannot fathom the depth of the feelings when you are the child either... at least, I didn't. Raising Om and Nini are totally different experiences.
Its subtle, strong and yet more tender than most other things.
It is rich. It is unparalleled!!!


The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

How gorgeous -- all of it, the design, the photo, the journaling. And I know exactly what you mean. I have over a dozen layouts of me and my daughter, just about how much I love her and love being her mother.

Helen Tilbury said...

Your right Mou - there is no way to appreciate it until you experience it...would be a great title too...Mother & Child

hjh said...

Hi Mou, Ranjini here. Long time no see! I pop in on your blog from time to time and thought it's high time I left a comment. It's so wonderful to see your work, and I completely relate to you on your feelings about motherhood. I love my child so much it hurts. Thank God for our sweet, innocent children who make waking up each day a joy and fill our lives with meaning.