Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick post today

This week's been CRAZY!!!
First year of public school, figuring out transportation, shopping for school supplies, uniform, etc... and then some not-so-regular situations and more... and creating... but wanted to post this-
For today only, Creating Keepsakes’ online store is offering FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders. This offer applies to ALL products in our store (CK, Paper Crafts, Simple and Digital etc).
Check out the details here:

and also a simple layout :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mother and child

...that used to be the title of many many masterpieces by various painters as I browsed art history and collection books. I loved the beautiful soft feeling of those pieces, almost inviting you to touch the chubby pink cheeks of the angelic children playing in the presence of their relaxed reluctant and beautiful mothers.
But those pieces never made me realize the beauty of the bond between mother and child... no, you cannot fathom the depth of the feelings when you are the child either... at least, I didn't. Raising Om and Nini are totally different experiences.
Its subtle, strong and yet more tender than most other things.
It is rich. It is unparalleled!!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


As I was about to collect my FedEx package from the front door, I noticed this little guy fluttering around, alighting on one flower and then on the next... I whispered to Nini and she came to watch. I was lucky to have the camera close today as we spent the next few minutes in a dance of freeze and fly and freeze and fly...

Artemis Jamaica, I wanted to say thanks to you for the book you recommended. We were lucky to find it in our local library. The story totally took me back home and the illustrations inspired me to create with such vibrant colors. My children enjoyed the book as Nini read it to Om. Thank you :)

Helen, I'm going to let Tricia know that you had difficulty getting in the gallery. It might just be due to high traffic! But if you emailed Tricia, I think you are covered :) Good luck to you my friend!

As today's parting note, I would like to say that when I started blogging a few years back, I didn't know what to expect from it, but now I can happily say, its been an awesome experience in bringing me friends, encouragement, support and inspiration. Hope I brighten your days in some way too!