Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer camp anyone?

When I was young, I used to spend most of my summers at my grandma's country home surrounded by acres and acres of paddy fields. Mornings used to start with picking fresh home grown vegetables, collecting milk and eggs from the farm with grandma...this was such a treat for a big city kid! It's been two years since Grandma passed away, but those memories live on in my heart...
We had a multigenerational joint family and when all the cousins came together, the number added up to 27...yes, we didn't need camps to keep us entertained because we came from different walks of life and always had something to learn from and teach each other. I was particularly fond of one cousin and she taught me how to suck honey right out of a flower...
We spent days playing, biking, getting muddy and swimming, making dolls out of clay, knitting,drawing and being just ourselves...
The evenings were quieter with board games and candle lights and then falling asleep under the stars with the chirping crickets and fireflies to wake up in our beds inside the house in the morning to start a new fun day!
My kids aren't that lucky. They live here and the rest of the family lives in India. Indian summers are way too hot for them to handle and they can't stand the dust or the elements. In short, they don't have too much fun. But they are over the moon when my mom visits. Nini can't stop talking about her 2008 summer with mom.
This year she transitions from her daycare school to the public school and we are unsure of many things. So while Om attends summer camp at Primrose, Nini is staying home with me. While nothing compares to being with grandma, me the mom comes a close second.
We make crafts, eat cherries, swim and be lazy together. When I get busy creating, she keeps herself busy with reading and playing.
Do you send your kids to summer camp? What are the pros and cons?
Do you take up any kind of fun activity for yourself in summer?
Today, I found this at the CK website:
Are you camping there?

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Fabre said...

My kids go to three weeks of sleepaway camp in Massachusetts (where we live). They are 14 and 11. It is an academic-based camp where they learn a lot (in a FUN way) and get to make like-minded friends. It is a great experience for both of them, and for all of us, as they truly do come home happy but glad to be home.