Friday, July 17, 2009


today... listening to old Bollywood songs, watching old Bollywood movies...
Working on something and dedicating the morning to songs that are almost double my age and loving it. This song is from 1958...hehe when my dad was a teen!!! (click and paste because I can't make links work for the life of me)
I used to sing this song standing on the tea table with a hairbrush and pretend to be Madhubala, the actress when I was ummmm... 5... didn't know how to pronounce half the words and didn't know the meaning of a single word...but that never stopped me...huh :)
the actress is my MOST FAVORITE EVVVVVER TOO... this is beauty to me

Happy weekend to ya :)


Sherri P eh said...

Love this, though I can't give it a listen til tomorrow, when I'm alone! Sitting too close to my husband right now!
Beautiful woman, that actress you admire. Very beautiful.

Keyr said...

hi Mou... i'm a fan !! i always look out for your pages in Ck.... thanks for being a wonderful inspiration to me !! Though i'm a far beyond Madhubala's era... i cannot deny, she was always Stunning !!! ;)