Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cocoa Daisy DT Call extended

just when you though you had no time left, the Cocoa Daisy Design Team Call 2009 has been extended till August 5th. Get those entries in while Tricia is at CHA :) Team will be announced shortly afterwards.

Here are the call details:
Cocoa Daisy is looking to add two very talented, creative and motivated scrapbook artists to join our design team, the Daisy Divas. Our design team is made up of dedicated scrapbookers with the ability to create stunning layouts and projects using products in unique and unexpected ways. We are looking for design team members who will be very present on the Cocoa Daisy site (both on the message board and in the gallery) and will actively promote the site elsewhere.
We are fine with design team members holding positions with manufacturers or stores.
However, we ask that if you wish to be a part of Cocoa Daisy that you are not involved with other companies that create kits. The design team call will run from now through August 5th.

Submission Requirements:
Here’s what you need to do to apply:
Send an email to with “DT call” in the subject line. In the
email please include the following:
1. Name
2. Contact information
3. Your username in the Cocoa Daisy gallery
4. A link to your online blog, resume or gallery
5. Create an album in the Cocoa Daisy Members’ Gallery and submit at least 4 original
layouts and one scrapbook project. Pictures should be clear, in .jpg format, no
larger than 512kb, and not wider than 800 pixels. You need not create new designs
specifically for the call nor must you use Cocoa Daisy kits.
6. Include a short bio about yourself that includes a description of your scrapbook style and links to any online galleries and/or scrapbook resumes. Also include a list of current design team memberships and scrapbook message boards on which you are
active (please include links and your username for each community). Cocoa Daisy is
an exclusive kit company. You may be active on other design teams as long as they
are not for companies selling kits.
7. Tell us how you would be a good fit for our design team and how you will add value
not only to the team but to the community as a whole. Please include any ideas you
might have for improving the message boards, design team or any other aspect of
Cocoa Daisy.

Design Team Responsibilities
1. Creating unique and creative scrapbook layouts, and scrapbook projects to display in the design team gallery. (Each month design team members are required to submit 3
layouts and at least one additional layout, card or project).
2. Active participation on the Cocoa Daisy message boards and gallery. Actively
posting and responding to members’ posts daily as well as commenting on posted
layouts are an integral part of being a Daisy Diva. You will also be expected to be
involved in creating weekly and/or monthly challenges etc as well as participating in
our online crops and events. We are looking for new design team members who can
make a commitment to be active members of the Cocoa Daisy community.
3. Contribute an article to a monthly newsletter or blog post. Assignments will be made on a rotating basis.
4. Design Team Members are strongly encouraged to submit to publications on a
regular basis.
5. Promote Cocoa Daisy, its products, message board and gallery and on your blog,
other forums, and in your signatures where permitted. Design Team Blinkies will be
6. Design team members will receive a free monthly kit as well as a 35% discount on all items in the store. Additionally, on a rotating monthly basis one design team
member will also receive items from that month’s add-on kits.

Have fun and remember to visit for daily inspiration :)

Friday, July 17, 2009


today... listening to old Bollywood songs, watching old Bollywood movies...
Working on something and dedicating the morning to songs that are almost double my age and loving it. This song is from 1958...hehe when my dad was a teen!!! (click and paste because I can't make links work for the life of me)
I used to sing this song standing on the tea table with a hairbrush and pretend to be Madhubala, the actress when I was ummmm... 5... didn't know how to pronounce half the words and didn't know the meaning of a single word...but that never stopped me...huh :)
the actress is my MOST FAVORITE EVVVVVER TOO... this is beauty to me

Happy weekend to ya :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer camp anyone?

When I was young, I used to spend most of my summers at my grandma's country home surrounded by acres and acres of paddy fields. Mornings used to start with picking fresh home grown vegetables, collecting milk and eggs from the farm with grandma...this was such a treat for a big city kid! It's been two years since Grandma passed away, but those memories live on in my heart...
We had a multigenerational joint family and when all the cousins came together, the number added up to 27...yes, we didn't need camps to keep us entertained because we came from different walks of life and always had something to learn from and teach each other. I was particularly fond of one cousin and she taught me how to suck honey right out of a flower...
We spent days playing, biking, getting muddy and swimming, making dolls out of clay, knitting,drawing and being just ourselves...
The evenings were quieter with board games and candle lights and then falling asleep under the stars with the chirping crickets and fireflies to wake up in our beds inside the house in the morning to start a new fun day!
My kids aren't that lucky. They live here and the rest of the family lives in India. Indian summers are way too hot for them to handle and they can't stand the dust or the elements. In short, they don't have too much fun. But they are over the moon when my mom visits. Nini can't stop talking about her 2008 summer with mom.
This year she transitions from her daycare school to the public school and we are unsure of many things. So while Om attends summer camp at Primrose, Nini is staying home with me. While nothing compares to being with grandma, me the mom comes a close second.
We make crafts, eat cherries, swim and be lazy together. When I get busy creating, she keeps herself busy with reading and playing.
Do you send your kids to summer camp? What are the pros and cons?
Do you take up any kind of fun activity for yourself in summer?
Today, I found this at the CK website:
Are you camping there?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday share

Well, from the morning, I did these:
. collected trash from all over the house and took it out
. fed the kiddoes breakfast
. cooked 4 dishes
. gave the kiddos their special weekend bath
. fed them lunch
. fixed Nini's pierced ear that looked a bit red
and now I'm mentally free to create :)
Before I get to that, here's my Saturday share:

I used the July Cocoa Daisy kit. Hop over to for more inspiration.
Hope you are having fun at whatever you are doing today!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

New page

I finished this layout last night. I used my Cocoa Daisy July kit.

This is my first ever page about my blog :)
Thought I'd share.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day

to all my American blog buddies. Be safe, enjoy and appreciate your freedom :)
Here are my shares for this special day:

and thanks to those and their families who make sacrifices each day to keep us free!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy 2nd of July

1. Om will be watching Ice Age 3 at Muvico with his class on a summer field trip.
2. At 3.30pm, we will be at school to watch the kids' Independence Day parade.
3. I'll be taking dentist's appointment for the kids.
4. Nini and I are going to make a doll dress. Both of us have exactly equal skills for this one and that is basically 0+0= a BIG zero!
5. I have to vaccum Om's room with the Shark vac as the floor is sticky...don't ask me how!
6. I'll be cooking dinner
Now that I have filled you in with the details of my day here, I'll share a couple more pages from my July Cocoa Daisy kit :)

Have fun today :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Good 1st day of July

Yesterday was my parents' anniversary and I talked to mom on the phone and guess what, forgot to wish her...huh!!! I'll blame it on summer brain!
In other news, check this out:
I was stoked to see it :)

I've been working on a circle journal with a group of VERY patient friends. Finally, I finished a spread I was supposed to do a long time back and that feels GOOD!

Well, now for a share from the July Cocoa Daisy kit:

If you are fond of bright happy things, you will love this kit :)
Have a FUN first day of July!