Sunday, April 19, 2009


Om turns 4. We are having a party at our clubhouse Tot Lot. Most of the guests are Ashis's friends. We were not aware that we could only have a certain number of guests at the party by club house restrictions. Nini was not too happy about that as she had a few friends she wanted to invite. But we have to save that for her birthday. Om's best friend is coming. Glad I invited him and his family first. The tot lot allows only pizza and cake. The goodie bags are packed and ready to go. Cups, plates, spoons, napkins, sodas, juices, chips, dips-check. I still have to make a sign to lead the way to the party. And among all these busy thoughts, I'm still looking at my baby and wondering where did the time fly!!!
Have a great Sunday.
P.S. Welcome to my blog, Helen :)Very glad to have you here!

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DawnW said...

Happy Birthday to the little pickle. Hope you have a super fun time.