Thursday, April 02, 2009


If you are one of the few people who do read my blog, I owe you an apology!
I should update my blog more often. And now the excuses: I had been sick. My mojo had been kinda gone for a while too... and I wasn't creating anything...just couldn't! The harder I tried to create, the worse it got. Well, so I gave myself a little break and allowed mojo to flow back naturally... glad I did!
Now that I have filled you in on what's been up, let me share something I did make before mojo went MIA...
Check this out:
(please copy & paste as I somehow can't make the link live)
and I hope this inspires you to create :)
I'll share more of my pages as soon as I can get back into the swing of things.
Have a swell day!


Mandy said...

I love your blog check it daily to see if you posted and was happy whenI saw this new entry today.Good to see you back! Hope things are going well. Love the projects over at CK especially love your handwriting it's beautiful!

Megan said...

So glad you've got that amazing mojo of yours back. Or, should I say Moujo? ;) yeah, probably not. Just shows how lame I really am. ;)

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

I have you in my blogroll, so I don't have to check if you've updated or not--it pops right up. And I do follow your blog, but you knew that (smile).
The projects over at CK are very pretty, but they don't seem very you at all.
Hope you don't mind me saying so... .

Jen said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with now that you've found your mojo again =)