Sunday, April 05, 2009

I've been thinking...

of your comment Lonely Scrapbooker... no it doesn't bother me. I appreciate your honesty. I think I should share my views on the subject as you are not the only one to ask me about this. The requirements at CK are based on surveys of what an everyday scrapper wants - more photos in a layout, spreads rather than singles, a more economic approach in the form of regular 4x6 color prints, pages that come quickly together, etc. As a member of their team, I do try to keep these in mind when I create for them. And even though at first glance, these may appear as restrictions, I will have to say that it has taught me a lot. It has challenged me to be creative within restrictions, create more streamlined designs, go back to the basics and explore how I have grown in my scrapping in the little time I have been involved with this hobby... or in short, it has stretched me creatively. Now I don't set templates or basic stickers aside as 'uncool', I challenge myself to use them in cool ways... sometimes I like the results and sometimes I don't... but that, my friend, is invaluable creative exercise in my opinion. The reward is a fresh perspective.

A lot of my friends, both in real life or through blogs and magazines, want to see more of my freestyle and mixed media creations. I also get emails not too infrequently asking me if I teach classes. I have taught at Michaels, our lss and in France. But with my husband's busy schedule and the kiddos' growing needs, that venture had gotten a bit sidetracked. Recently, a non-scrapping friend suggested that I should consider offering workshops online. But, me, not being too techno-savvy didn't give that much thought until my husband agreed to help me set things up. Well, so while he is looking into the technical details, I'm giving my passion to paint and create a free reign :)

Before I leave you today, let me share a very simple page I created with the April Cocoa Daisy kit. It's one of the rare pages where I didn't journal... just didn't feel that it needed words...

Enjoy your Sunday evening :)


Mandy said...

Aww beautiful layout! I would love to see you do workshop online that would be awesome!I have loved your work since the first time I saw it you are part of my go to inpsiration binder (i tear my magazines up my favs go in the binder).How are the kids everyone healthy? I hope so.

Dianne said...

Your layout is so beautiful Mou...!

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Mou, I'm flattered you gave my comment so much thought that you dedicated a whole post to it. And I'm relieved you weren't offended.

Thanks for being so frank. I understand a lot better now.

I understand why CK would put those "guidelines" down, but isn't the point of displaying beautiful layouts to give more novice scrappers (like me) something to aspire to? And also to just give us something gorgeous to look at?

I guess there are different ways of skinning the cat, so to speak.

I do hope though that you will continue to do your original, crafty, arty layouts, in addition to the more "mainstream" stuff for CK. You are so talented in that regard, and it would be a shame for that creativity and artfulness to be subsumed by mainstream guidelines from anyone.