Thursday, April 30, 2009

"I promise

to preserve and protect the plants, animals, and history of Olympic National Park and my community by observing park rules and showing respect for the environment wherever I go."
My 6-year-old daughter took this oath during the Earth Week and earned the title and badge of National Park Junior Ranger after completing the tasks assigned to her by the Olympic National Park Authorities.
Her favorite part was learning about 'Nurse Logs' which are basically tree stumps on which other trees start.
This Earth week, Ashis purchased a tree that we are waiting to acclimatize before planting it on the ground.
Yes, we have been a tree-hugging family for generations :)
My mom talks to her plants, so did my grandma.
We planted trees when each of our kids were born.
I have yogurt cups filled with soil starting my herbs for the season. It is very satisfying!
Hope some of you get the chance to plant a seed or a tree because A TREE NEVER STOPS GIVING!

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