Wednesday, February 25, 2009


poor Omie is sick again... sinus infection this time and croup and allergies... man, you should see the pollen count here... poor thing tries to keep himself busy but gets bored... so, I try to find new ways to keep him entertained. Lately, I dug out my Elvis CDs and the power cord of the CD player and we are rockin and rollin... ya know, good for me too as it takes my mind off the stress that ineveitably finds its way into my day in some sneaky way!

So, these are our Elvis picks for the day -
Nini's absolute favorite :
and that kitty... SO CUTE!!! well, that's as close my lil girlie can get to a kitty

Omie and I are more this type:

Well, I hope these brighten your day at least a wee bit ... as most of us have very little to hold on to right now.

P.S. Mandy, I give most of my tags as or with gifts. Some I tuck in here and there around the house. Nini appreciates them a lot and keeps some of them. Others, I use in my projects. So, I'm pretty much like you with tags :)


Marnie said...

Awww Get better Omie! How ya doing girlie?

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

My three year old loves the Carpenters and Michael Jackson, Bob Marley too... just in case you get tired of Elvis.

Dianne said...

What an adorable little face....I hope he feels better very soon.