Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last night while the outside temperature dropped to 25 degrees, Omie's body temperature rose to 103.3! Along with that, there was constant vomitting and crying for daddy who happens to be out of town on office business. His job requires much travel and I have been more-or-less a single parent ever since he took this job. No, I can not even imagine how single moms handle everything... I mean I am provided food, clothing, shelter and health care along with my kids but still some days I find it hard to make ends meet. And with allergy season, pollen's raging here which means immense misery for my little girl who also has a cold at the moment. I haven't slept since Tuesday 5 am which is when Ashis started out for the trip. I haven't eaten anything because after cleaning up puke and doing 3 loads of laundry, I have lost my appetite. Since I'm kinda frazzled right now, thought I'd blog to simply collect my thoughts over a cup of tea. Writing my feelings down always helped me. Okay, I feel better and now I'll try to feed the kids some chicken soup because they can't keep the meds down in empty stomach.
Here's to tomorrow... after all, tomorrow is another day!


Anonymous said...'s to getting better soon and some sleep!

Mandy said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon.Habg in there. Hugs