"No Place Like Home" A Fresh Coloring Book for the Home Lover

"No Place Like Home" A Fresh Coloring Book for the Home Lover
This Coloring Book was featured in the TV show Make It Artsy.

"Farm Fresh" Printable Coloring Book

"Farm Fresh" Printable Coloring Book

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Get Creative With Type

This last May, I was very busy working on some layouts and fonts for an upcoming book from Creating Keepsakes.
FONTS - I dig them! Almost all of my scrapping purchases include letter stamps/ stickers. I just can't seem to get enough of them. Getting chosen to contribute to this book gave me the boost I needed to use my stash in creative ways. The experience was fun and I learned a lot along the way. After that I moved on and got busy with other stuff. Then a few days back, I got an advanced complimentary copy and I was floored. There are 164 pages & projects in the book and they are bound to inspire you in one way or another.
For me, the personal high point is being in a book where THE HEIDI SWAPP contributed :)
You can read all the details and even join a discussion group following the links from here: http://www.creatingkeepsakes.com/content/viewissue/1221/45
I hope to see some of you there :)
Have a great day!

1 comment:

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

I wasn't even considering buying this book, but now you say you have a bunch of LOs in there... I might consider it.
I have had bad experiences ordering from CK though, so I'll have to wait until it's available from another online retailer.