Friday, October 10, 2008

Good mail week

This has indeed been a great mail week for me :). The November Cocoa Daisy kit came on Tuesday, the new lines from Rusty Pickle came Wednesday and on Thursday a fabulous box of goodies came from another person. And I got busy with all my new toys... some I can share right now, others I have to hold off a little longer...
Allergy season is raging here. We have had to postpone going for walks indefinitely because the kids can't stop sneezing, I'm getting headaches and watery eyes. But I love how the sun feels and even though I'd rather be somewhere more colorful, I can still smell Fall here. Right now, I so want to be in Vermont taking Fall photos!
Hope you are enjoying a more colorful Fall and all that the gorgeous season brings.


Carolyn said...

Mou - The allergy has been a bad one here too. Have you seen the new product that is out that you put on your nose, to block the allergians(sp)? You can buy it over the counter, and they have one for adults and one for children. I am going to invest in this one, it's a pain taking pills all the time.

I am also visiting today to tell you I love your book in Sommerset Memories. The work on it is amazing, girl your are so talented, and it's nice to see it in print.

Tina said...

Long time! I missed you, but finally got back into the blogging world and have time to create again! So nice to read what you have been doing! I hope you feel better!

DawnW said...

Bummer about the allergies. We are not suffering too much yet. Nick is the one who suffers the most and he is outside running ever day, but we have actually been lucky with the weather keeping the pollen levels down. Hope you can get out there and enjoy for at least a little while.

Oh, love your candles!

Linda Beeson said...

That layout is so cute with the shooting stars! Cute accents.

unfurl said...

Mou -

I have really bad allergies too. I found taking Quercetin Bromelain helped a lot. The one i take is from Whole Foods Brand.

here's a link to another brand:

good luck!

Kathy said...

How are you Mou? Have missed reading your blog. My Dad is not well and have spent many weekends traveling to the shore where they live so I haven't been online in awhile. Hope that you hand is better and I so worry about you. Though through it all you turn out the most wonderous layouts anyone has seen. Hang in there and Happy Halloween.
Kathy Griffith (kjg1130)

Allie said...

Love your work and your style! Thought I'd check out your blog - love this LO. So much fun! Good luck with the allergies. They are worse here in Oklahoma than I've ever encountered. We have lots of ear, nose, throat doctors!