Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Falling for Fall

First of all, thank you ladies for the suggestions about allergy cure :) Thanks for caring this much. It had rained heavily during late last week and that brought the allergy situation under control.

The previous Sunday, we had been to a park and walked down a trail. During that time, I had brushed against something poisonous and that led to swelling all over my body - itchy, bumpy, achy redness, even behind my ears and in my throat... I was miserable scratching myself sore but happy at the same time that I went on the trail... there are things you can notice and enjoy only when you are on foot whether in nature or in a big city.

Ashis was out of town for the major part of last week and I felt a bit swamped with things. He came back Friday night and Saturday afternoon, we headed outta town to the Great Smoky Mountains to see Fall colors. And can I just say, I'm falling for Fall?

It's GORGEOUS out here as we drove up and down Blue Ridge mountains... the kiddos were so excited to see the fallen leaves on the narrow shoulders of the mountain roads. We stopped and they jumped on the crispy leaves and when no cars were in sight, I was too!!! Hey, we are leaf-deprived in Florida!!!

Yesterday, the temps were bewteen 30 and 44 degrees... again, too cold for Floridians, but that did not stop me from stepping out and taking pics and yet again realizing that there was no way for me to capture what I saw... just feeling overwhelmingly happy to be alive and being able to see such grandeur with my two eyes.

We are heading back home today starting in about an hour. So, happy Tuesday to y'all :)

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