Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last one standing

that was me till yesterday... now you can add me to the list of sick people at home. Nini went down first, then Om, then Ashis and now me... all of us under the weather. Last night, Om's temperature hit 104...yes 104, not 100.4 and the guy is 3. The after hours doc gave him meds that he couldn't keep down and so this morning, we went to see our regular peditrician who gave him a Tylenol suppository... did not know that Tylenol came in suppositories...huh!
So, Septra, Zithromax, Phenergen and other med-names-I-can't-spell later, they are all snoring away peacefully... thankfully... and I'm just trying to clear my mind... too much has been out-of-order since last Sunday. I'll shower, eat leftover pizza and just limp into bed.
Hope your week is going a little better than mine :)

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