"No Place Like Home" A Fresh Coloring Book for the Home Lover

"No Place Like Home" A Fresh Coloring Book for the Home Lover
This Coloring Book was featured in the TV show Make It Artsy.

"Farm Fresh" Printable Coloring Book

"Farm Fresh" Printable Coloring Book

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"On windowsills,

Laila spots flowers potted in the empty shells of old Mujahideen rockets - rocket flowers, Kabulis call them. "
This line from Klaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns made me smile... hope finds its way through so much, doesn't it?
Man, 18 hours, 367 pages, my 9th summer read and I'm blown away.
Last night, I started reading Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri.
Last week of summer vacation before school's back in session. First grade.
I flew back from Utah last Saturday. Highlights are
  • I did not win
  • I loved Tim Holtz's classes :)
  • I made new friends

And today, I definitely plan on taking photos... my camera has been idle lately!


Lisa said...

you had my vote, Mou. Love, love, love your work!

Tyggereye said...

Oh! you should have won! :(

I was sure you were going to. I love your work.

Marfa said...

I've really got to read that one...sounds great, turning something scary into something beautiful!

Carolyn said...

You had my Vote! I do have to say I am really bummed about the outcome, and I'm sorry I honestly don't think it's right.
Isn't the K.H. book powerful. I loved both of his books.
take care dear

DawnW said...

You are number 1 in my book Mou!