"No Place Like Home" A Fresh Coloring Book for the Home Lover

"No Place Like Home" A Fresh Coloring Book for the Home Lover
This Coloring Book was featured in the TV show Make It Artsy.

"Farm Fresh" Printable Coloring Book

"Farm Fresh" Printable Coloring Book

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Halfway into summer and we have taken a surprise road trip, visited MOSI twice, the zoo once, the doctor five times; had 4 pairs of swimmers' ears and two sets of new swim suits; consumed 72 cans of soda, 10 corns and 13 band aids; watched marathons of Peter Pan, Cars, Chicken Run, Meet the Robinsons, The Incredibles, Chicken Little and more; read 15 books, finished three journal projects with active kid participation and spent this whole morning waiting for our new puny Venus Flytrap plant to snap at a tiny elusive fly!
When I think of my summer days now, I also remember my childhood summers spent with my grandma. It almost feels like a past life, so different from my now! So, here's to those lazy country summers the thoughts of which always refreshed and enriched the days I spent in the city.
And before I go back to being lazy, l want to say THANKS for all the sweet things you guys wrote to me and all the good luck wishes you sent my way!!!


~Brooke~ said...

Congrats on the Chatterbox call back~they'd be lucky to have you ;)

Carolyn said...

Congrats Mou!
Love seeing all the accomplishments you have achieved, very well deserved, and thank goodness for that fabulous work in CK, otherwise I would find that magazine kinda boring, your work has really brighten it up. May you continue to find success, and good luck on Scrapbook Of the Year, this really should be your year.

pinkcherrymama said...

i was so excited to see that you were 1 of the finalists for SOY. congrats...and super cool to see how many layout you have in ck this month...

Jeanne said...

Love seeing your work on the cover! of Creating Keepsakes and also inside. You always do such inspiring creations Mou. Congrats on the SOY finalists. Fingers crossed for you. Your summer sounds like it'll be giving you lots more opportunities to create from.