Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rainy days

This is the front cover of the much-anticipated mini book book by Ali Edwards. I can't wait to peek inside. It's up for pre-order here
Lately, it's been raining here and boy when it rains, it pours. Om, Nini and I sit by the window and cuddle. Then they doze off and I just sit there listening to the rain. Sometimes, I read or just be lazy. In this last week, I finished reading "Three Cups of Tea", "The Kite Runner" and still waiting to get my copy of "Unaccustomed Earth".
Not been scrapbooking too much lately. I'll wait for Nini to start school. Today, we shop for school clothes and backpacks.


Venkat said...

Hi Mou,

Found your blog thru Creative therapy. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed looking at your work. Priya

DawnW said...

Hi Mou! A rainy day with the kids cuddled in the window sounds good to me! I know what you mean about not being very crafty with the kids around, mine are older then yours, but I find it difficult to craft with them hanging about. Only 4 weeks to go....

Carolyn said...

Hi Mou,
I'm stopping by to let you know that I found your work in this past CK magazine, outstanding! I swear if I didn't see your work in there, I would cancel my subscription, there isn't much that appeals to me in there, but your work is truly pieces of art. Hopefully they will finally see that you are true talent.

Hope you enjoyed the Kite Runner, I found that and his second book, must read books. Truly an amazing author.

Bethany Kartchner said...

I loved Kite Runner, did you like it?