Friday, June 06, 2008

Hello June

Can you believe that 2008 is almost half way through? Boy, time sure flies!
Well after couple of bouts of viral fever at home, summer vacation has started. Nini has chosen to stay home this summer. She graduated Kindergarten this Tuesday, June 3.
My health is acting up again with meds making things worse. I blacked out couple of times and then decided on my own to reduce the doses. The last thing my kids need is for me to pass out before them and not know what to do.
Other than this, life is ok. Kind of learning that fewer expectations equals greater peace of mind. Wake up, make breakfast, clean, do laundry, do projects or play with kids, give them bath, feed them, hope for them to nap, take a quick shower, eat lunch, collect mail (some days mails brighten my day :), sneak away to scrapbook, give kids snack, cook dinner, do dishes, clean up, take trash out, blah, blah, blah... just not to expect any help with any of these would be easier if health wasn't giving grief.
Right now, I try to think that all time is quality time whether spent with kids or spent in improving the home environment (by cleaning, cooking, etc.) or maybe just improving myself reading a book, creating something, etc. or even packing for family fun during weekends.
No definite plans for this weekend, but probably will shop a bit to do some projects with Nini.
Wish you all a very happy weekend!!!