Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy NSD

Are you scrapping today?
I'm not... I have a long list of chores... maybe at night.
For those who have time to scrap today, you might want to check this place out
Lots of KEWL prizes to be won
So, good luck to you
And if you love to save 35% on your entire purchase, check this place out
Or, if you want to try out for a hip DT, check this place out
Ok, I'll shut up now.


Jeanne said...

Love the layouts, especially the top two! Great work girl!

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Dawn W said...

Love your pages girlie! i didn't get much done for NSD either I worked the whole day and was to tired to do anything when I got home...but we had a ton of fun at work!

ania said...

Lovely layouts :) Just wanted to congratulate on the Luxe DT and say that I look forward t get to know you :)

Bethany Kartchner said...

Congrats on Luxe! I am seriously loving your stuff. I've been a great admirer for awhile... Can't wait to get to know you better!

Emily Adams said...

Mou, welcome to the fabfifteen! We're thrilled to be working with you!

Jayne said...

Stunning layouts girl!!!
Congrats on the Luxe team!!!
They are lucky to have you!

Gaby said...

Congratulations on the Luxe! Looking forward to working with you on the DT!

Aida Haron said...

Yaaay Mou !!! Congrats on the Luxe DT, looks like we will be working together again !

Staci said...

Looking forward to working with you on the Luxe DT, Mou! I've always loved your work! Congrats!

Rita said...

Hello Mou -- Happy Mother's Day!

I LOVE, love these gorgeous layouts. Your style never ceases to blow me away.

Congrats on the Luxe team -- they are so lucky to have you!


Theresa Tyree said...

Mou, I miss you! Please say you're going to CHA- Chicago this year. I hope so! Is MB going? I need to email her. I'm sending you an email now.

Theresa Tyree said...

Forgot to say, so sorry about your finger! I know how hard this must be for you since you're an artist and must use your hands. Bummer.

On a lighter note-
So cool about the Luxe DT!! So proud of you!

Kathy said...

Mou, I can't believe what you can still turn out in those layouts with a bad finger and all. You are truly amazing. I love them all. I really wish you were closer as I could definitely take some lessons from you.
Have a wonderful weekend. Kathy

Marnie said...

HEYYYYY BABY! No it's not spam just me checking in! Hows it going?