Thursday, October 18, 2007

Picking out a pumpkin

We have never been to a pumpkin patch. We have seen a few during our road trips. But never been to one to pick out pumpkins. But that changed this Wednesday. Nini went to a local farm on a school field trip. She was so excited to pet baby goats and sheep, meet a pony in person and to be given the permission to pick out a pumpkin of her choice. So the pumpkin sits here at home now on the shelf. All of us touch it every time we pass by. Its a little darling. Makes me curious about how Om will react to the experience. Gotta find a patch closeby.
I am totally behind on everything else. I am yet to upload the Paris photos. But we had a great time at Sea World at Orlando this past weekend. Came back home on Monday and Nini was taken to school straight away. And 9 loads of dirty laundry later, here I am.


Dawn W said...

It is so much fun at the patch, hope you find one. Such a fun fall tradition to share.


Anonymous said...

9 Loads? UHG...hugs to you as you tackle the laundry. Also, happy pumpkin hunting!

Marfa said...

I would LOVE to see your Paris photos...and another layout, it's been a while since you've shared one. I realize you're busy being a mom and scrapbooking (now that's it's more than just a hobby, but a career)!

Marfa said...
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fairhill25 said...

I didn't know how else to get ahold of you and Dawn gave me your blog address. I just wanted to say Hi and thank you for personally teaching me the make n take at the CHA Chicago show. It was such a pleasure to meet you. You are such a dear.
Kathy Griffith
croppers cottage member

Theresa Tyree said...

Hey Mou! Just stopping by to see what you've been up to. Can't wait to see photos of the kids with the pumpkin. It sounds like a family tradition is in the works now???

cornellgj said...

hope you're feeling better, Mou!

P.S. you've been tagged...check out my blog for details!