"No Place Like Home" A Fresh Coloring Book for the Home Lover

"No Place Like Home" A Fresh Coloring Book for the Home Lover
This Coloring Book was featured in the TV show Make It Artsy.

"Farm Fresh" Printable Coloring Book

"Farm Fresh" Printable Coloring Book

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Rusty Pickle

that is being released at Memory Trends 2007... the acrylic stuff is just to die for. Every shape you see here is also available in chippies. Look at those papers... man, I can't wait to get my hands on those...

Also, Rusty Pickle is organizing fundraisers to help out the Armstrong family. Check this out http://rustypickle.typepad.com/picklelicious/2007/09/armstrong-fundr.html and http://www.armstrongfamilyfundraiser.blogspot.com/

Please help spread the word and help in any you can.

Diane, I just got my complimentary copies of Memory Makers October 07 issue and love your page... what a cute photo!!! Congrats, my friend...

And now, first the stairs, then the dishwasher, then the printer, then Nini's backpack and now the washer... all kaput!!! Arrgh!


Liz Ness said...

Oh no...hope nothing else breaks! Also, thanks for the info and the slide show!

forestsister said...

that 'chocolate kisses' line looks v. fun!

Dettao said...

Just saw your layout in the Memory Makers mag. Beautiful picture of your mom. You made the layout look totally fun and funky while keeping it elegant. Great job, girl

Dianne said...

Hi Mou!
Thank you for the compliment! I hope they help make you feel better very soon....being sick is no picnic!