Saturday, June 23, 2007

So, a whole month later...

I'm back to blogging.
Trust me, I wasn't lazy, I was very very busy! Most of it was non-scrapbook-related. And even though its hard to believe, our stairs are still NOT DONE!!!!

Hubby is is in major redecorating mode. He wants new furniture everywhere. I'm not enjoying this. I was comfy and happy... and this is not a good time to go furniture shopping. Its hot. it rains. And I have other things to do. But trying to go with the flow...

On SBR front, this is on the cards

I am teaching three layout classes here.
The Most Useful Lesson
Your Passion
Spirit of Gentleness

The schedule and class descriptions are in the specified sections of their website.


And of course, there is the Rusty Pickle AMAZING RACE II which is well, AMAZING!!
And we are all under the weather...AGAIN!!
My uncle passed away last week. My cousin had to get married in a haste a week before that. Glad he was able to see his only daughter get married before dying. At least, he is free of pain now.

Nini had a dance recital. She was ok. It's going to be a quest for both of us to find out what she really loves, what she is good at and what her calling is. I just hope she can stay true to her own heart in life.


Terrie said...

wow, Mou! you have so very much on your plate! Best of luck with the classes you are teaching and the RP Amazing Race! Can't wait to get to know you more through your blog and being on the Frances Meyer DT with you! =)

Dianne said...

You are one busy lady....your classes sound wonderful...and I'm so happy to see you posting again!

Rita said...

MOU! I've missed you and your posts! Sounds like life is very hectic and I am sorry to hear you all are under the weather again -- hope it passes quickly! Big hugs to you -- hang in there!

Heather C said...

Mou, how wonderful that you get to teach in Paris! Wish I could go with you! Sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope you all are better by now. Hugs! Heather

Paola said...

Hi Mou!
I'm an italian Scrapper and i'll attend your class "Spirit of Gentleness".
I'm so excited to be in Paris for the Paper and Co Show!I'm very happy to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're back blogging Mou because guess what?

YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!!! please visit my blog ( for all the details.

Linda said...

sounds like you have been super busy! exciting news about he classes! you rock girlfriend!

sorry to hear about your uncle and that you aren't feeling well again. {{{hugs}}}