Monday, May 21, 2007

Mission Organization: ACCOMPLISHED

Ahhh!!! RELIEF...

I had cleaned like crazy and now I can see my floor!!!

The cabinets we had looked into didn't quite suit our purpose, so we built our own simple units and that houses my paper and albums and I am satisfied...

now the challenge is not to buy unnecessarily and to maintain the system...

We will be adding a few more shelves, but more or less I'm done and now theoretically I should get my mojo back now that the clutter is gone!

Now for the floors and stairs... that's so not in my control. Its unbelievable what was promised to take 4 days is incomplete even after 4 weeks.

Now I need to redo Nini's room, the master bedroom and the walk-in closet... a tall order, but hoping to get done in a week.

Meanwhile we changed our service provider to FIOS... we had their service for over a year and now added a few more with enhanced service. Lets see how that works.

I havent scrapped or blogged or even surfed the net for days now... but, I did garden a bit. Trimmed my succulents and made trips to Home Depot for soil, fertilizer, wood and what not.

Home Depot trips are always so much fun. Saw a new light there... its gorgeous!!!

And here's the link to the Creating Keepsakes online article honoring Dads


Candice P.J. said...

Congratulations! Nothing feels better than a completed project... although when it comes to the house, it's never really completed, is it? Well, hopefully your mojo will return and you will have tons of layouts to post on here!

Shalini said...

Mou, Now I am all curious about how it looks...please share some pictures.
I love you LO in CK. Congrats

Rita said...

Sounds like lots of activity at your house! And I LOVED your LO in CK -- it's so wonderful! Big hugs to you my friend!