Wednesday, April 18, 2007


A friend of mine on a message board asked us all a question in an attempt to know us all a little better: What is one favorite thing that we can't imagine life without?
I couldn't come up with an answer. Yes, I have a really long list of favorite things... but nothing seemed indispensable... Why I wondered? In grade school, I had favorite pencils that I didn't wanna use cause they were so favorite, chocolates that I ate like a mouse cause I didn't wanna finish because I loved them or because someone I loved dearly gave it to me... all really special stuff... that I wanted to last all eternity...
We didn't have a camera, let alone scrapbooks... I don't have photos to look back at... loved ones of whom all I have left are sweet memories that will remain in my heart always... just no objects to back them up or pass on... so, now I use words to record those memories so my children can read about them and imagine their loving faces
Then I left almost everything behind and came to the US... what I did bring with me didn't work here, so they got obsolete eventually and without knowing or thinking about it consciously, my favorites switched from tangible objects to things that are not things at all... memories, feelings of being loved and wanted and needed, faith, beliefs, friendships... I have no clue when all this happened... I guess 7 years is a long time and an overseas move alters more than I could have imagined... Yes, I do want my dad's fountain pen and anything from my mom to pass on... but its the story that will make a difference, the story I tell in my scrapbooks. Now I am beginning to understand the value of enjoying every day and building wonderful memories along the way


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness - I so identify with you! When we moved, we did bring lots of our possessions, but there is sooo much else that got left behind - sights, smells, sounds.

You did really well at MM Idol and sorry you didn't win

Allison said...

Mou you are so talented in so many ways! That was so beautifully written!

kimberlykwan said...

you get it Mou.
you really get it!
the important things aare those which burrow deep into your heart, mind....they are a part of who you are on a cellular level.
this is a big part of what so many of us find so appealing about your art...your stories (journalling) has a depth not oft found.
you get it, Mou!