Monday, April 16, 2007

MMIdol Voting Today

The projects for Challenge # 7 are up now at

We were given four black and white photos of a little boy called Zeke and we had to create a clean, simple, classic yet innovative photo decor fit for any nursery.

Well, I am very happy how mine turned out... I love the clean and clear look . It was really fun working with Zeke's photos. When I saw the photos, I instantly knew that my focus will be on the relationship rather than the individual photos, which BTW are just super cute. what a beautiful family

Going back to simple and clean was great. Very different from last week, but somehow, it all works. I can see me in it even though these are different projects. Thanks to Making Memories, my creativity has learned to become ornate to simple and back and back. Just experimenting every week has become so much fun. I am loving how even I could come up with totally different nursery decor project within a week's span. The ladder was so different from this one... just because of a little shift in focus from innovative to simple.

Hope people like what I am doing and not think that I am too crazy... lol


Holly said...

aren't most creative types just a touch crazy? or at least eccentric? in a good way, of course! congrats on making it this far and good luck in tonight's vote!

Rita said...

Your project is amazing Mou -- truly! Good luck to you my friend!!