Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back after a while

So, my finger has a tumor which needs immediate surgery. After three long months of torture and pain that is the diagnosis I got. Meanwhile with the pain meds and Aspirin, I have developed acid reflux disease. And did I mention, the tennis elbow... NICE, huh?
Anywhoo... moving on... i had been busy cleaning the house, getting the holiday stuff out, decorating, gardening a bit mostly indoors... my bulbs are starting to sprout... always makes me smile. Nini is helping too. She got her purple belt in karate last month and can read fluently now which means we are making more library trips these days. Watched the movie "Green Card". Such a sweet movie and man what a lovely greenhouse...can watch the movie again and again just for that. I must get back to cleaning now.

Monday, November 05, 2007

A little update

These are some pages from my travel album that I had worked on at least a month ago. Ever since I haven't scrapped much. My right hand index finger is swollen like a small potato and in trying to do the needed with my other fingers is cramping my whole hand. Not good for scrapping. Right now, I'm very dizzy and drowsy from all the meds... yikes!!! Not good! Thanks for all your good wishes and Kathy that is so sweet of you to leave a comment. I miss you too and all my Cottage friends. Wish, Cottage hadn't closed.
Anywhoo, I need some serious retail therapy!!! Off to shop!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Picking out a pumpkin

We have never been to a pumpkin patch. We have seen a few during our road trips. But never been to one to pick out pumpkins. But that changed this Wednesday. Nini went to a local farm on a school field trip. She was so excited to pet baby goats and sheep, meet a pony in person and to be given the permission to pick out a pumpkin of her choice. So the pumpkin sits here at home now on the shelf. All of us touch it every time we pass by. Its a little darling. Makes me curious about how Om will react to the experience. Gotta find a patch closeby.
I am totally behind on everything else. I am yet to upload the Paris photos. But we had a great time at Sea World at Orlando this past weekend. Came back home on Monday and Nini was taken to school straight away. And 9 loads of dirty laundry later, here I am.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Paris, CK KOTM and Lance's Blog

And this is what I did with the October Kit Of The Month by CK. It was a great kit and lots of goodies to play with. Even after finishing the entire album, I will have a ton left to work with. And you can never go wrong with anything Ali Edwards designs. Here's where you get more ideas and can buy the kit http://www.lisabearnson.com/kotm/

Versailles was beautiful... well, all I saw was parts of the Chateau garden...but that was enough to feel the beauty... boy, was it cold!!! Thanks to Margie's black hoodie, I survived and even managed a boat tour of Paris at night! And Corrine Delis... omg!!! she's a hoot... LOVE her...Also met Ashley and her hubby Paul, CD and her friend Krista, Anna, Kerrin and Ginger and of course the entire PACS crew headed by Celine. I was amazed to meet people who actually knew my name and follow my work... and they get CK and Memory Makers... WOW!
I am so loving the emails and comments from the ladies who took my classes and enjoyed it.
RP is ready to launch Lance's blog. Check this out
Participate, leave a comment with a pickle joke and win GORGEOUS RP stuff.
That's what I call launching with style.
Also, don't miss out on the challenges on our RP chef blog http://rustypickle.typepad.com/
I tell you, you will have fun!

Health front still sucks. Went to see PCP today... got blood drawn, peed in a cup...
Will be going back tomorrow morning for more.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So, I'll be away

for the next few days.... with the antibiotic starting to kick in, I feel dizzy and sleepy... and my throat still hurts along with my ears... I don't know how it will all go, hoping for the best here.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Pickle News

Omg... you have gotta check this out

Those giveaways are just way cool... leave a comment, be entered to win a prize and not just any prize... the newest releases...

On a more personal note, our car needed a break change on Friday and there we had to spent over $500 and also had to order a new washer...
Om has ear and throat infection now... Nini keeps coughing... Ashis is sick and I had a lousy hair cut... and i have lost my creative mojo altogether... so, it was just another day in paradise...boy! this year has been so hard... don't know what I'll do if things don't start to change for the better soon

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Rusty Pickle

that is being released at Memory Trends 2007... the acrylic stuff is just to die for. Every shape you see here is also available in chippies. Look at those papers... man, I can't wait to get my hands on those...

Also, Rusty Pickle is organizing fundraisers to help out the Armstrong family. Check this out http://rustypickle.typepad.com/picklelicious/2007/09/armstrong-fundr.html and http://www.armstrongfamilyfundraiser.blogspot.com/

Please help spread the word and help in any you can.

Diane, I just got my complimentary copies of Memory Makers October 07 issue and love your page... what a cute photo!!! Congrats, my friend...

And now, first the stairs, then the dishwasher, then the printer, then Nini's backpack and now the washer... all kaput!!! Arrgh!


Check this out... not savvy...need a lot more tweaking, but I wanted to give it a shot

and on other counts... everyone's sick again!!! basically, the kids are standing in line for antibiotics and I'm exhausted... so this gave me a much needed break...
now, the washer is giving grief... time for a new one... wish I had a money tree!!!
Also a tree that grew time...time to read the piling emails...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A little sneak peek into

the classes that I am teaching at the Paper and co show, France(http://paperandcoshow.com/) ...

I will be teaching three classes:
1. The Most Useful Lesson -
Friday (9/28) - 15.10 -17.10; Saturday(9/29) - 10.50 - 12.50
2. The Spirit of Gentleness -
Friday (9/28) - 15.30 -17.30; Sunday(9/30) - 10.50 - 12.50
3. Your Passion -
Saturday(9/29) - 8.30 - 10.30; Sunday(9/30) - 13.10 - 15.10

Can I just say, I AM EXCITED!!!
And nervous too... wish me good luck!!!

Please help spread the word

This is straight from my friend Tricia's site.

Hey, I don't know if you have heard about the gentleman in Utah who was shot by a kid from Vegas 4 times in the chest. He runs a lodge in Panguitch, Utah and the family from Vegas had come to rent a cabin . This was a random act of violence. Tracey is now paralized from the chest down. He has a family with 9 children to support. There is something you can do to help with this! Rusty Pickle is donating $500 in product to be raffled off on Legacy. You can enter your name 1 time for $5 or 5 times for $20. There is no profit in this. ALL FUNDS WILL BE DONATED DIRECTLY TO THE FAMILY. Rusty Pickle hopes to raise $10,000.00, enough to cover the family's catastrophic insurance deductable. There are also some fund raiser crops- one in Arizona and one in Salt Lake City. These will offer classes taught by Lance and dinner. again, ALL FUNDS WILL BE DONATED DIRECTLY TO THE FAMILY!! If you would prefer to do a direct donation, there is a bank account set up in their name.
Feel free to call 801-604-3007 if you have any questions. (This is my cell phone) WE CAN DO THIS GIRLS!! Please tell everyone you know about this! I will leave updates on this thread about where we are.
Here is a link to the ticket sales:
Thanks! Tricia
Here is the link to their blog: http://tracyarmstrong.blogspot.com/
Here is a link to a newspaper article about it: http://deseretnews.com/dn/view/0,1249,695199134,00.html

Everytime I read it, I feel limp and sad. Please help spread the word. If you have a moment, visit the the Armstrong family blog, leave a comment... it would mean a lot to them and to us.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Trying to snap back to life

No, this past month hasn't been easy on various counts... it was like getting caught in an emotional whirlwind... just makes you re-realize the importance of family...

For the few people who visit my blog, sorry I didn't update for such a long time... but here's some layouts I did recently.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My grandma

passed away this last week... we were so close... I have countless memories of the summers I spent with her as a child... I miss her much more than I ever thought... Its hardest to not be with my family in India at this time. I hadn't done much scrapping lately either...

Our stairs finally are done. it's not what we expected or agreed to pay for, but it is done.

Meanwhile, a lot's been happening
Check this out

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sweet CHA

Ok... so I'm still dragging my feet around... too much walking... another reason I should exercise!!!

First up, I got to watch TIM HOLTZ doing demos... WOW!!!
And Theresa took a picture of us... Theresa, if you are dropping by, please drop me a line. I'm dying to talk to you. And I met Wilna, she was sad for missing you... MB said hi too!

Met the Rusty girls and Lance. They had set up a chocolate fountain in the booth... Uber Cool!

I loved rooming with MB and Libby... will do it again in a heartbeat!

The HOFer girls lunch was a blast too.

CK booth was busy with something or the other all along. It was so nice to meet CD, Britney, Brian, Jessica, Emily, Erin and the Simple crew. And Becky Higgins too. Love her new book. I used to be kinda scared of sketches, but I guess I'm converting.

DCWV treated everyone with free icecreams... YUM!!! You gotta see the new lines... even more yummy than the icecream... itching to get my hands on the stuff like the rest of the DCWV girls.

Tricia from Cocoa Daisy took us out to dinner... the Chicago style pizza was pretty good. Got to meet the DARE girls.

The Piggy Tales folks were so cool too. Loved working with you Theresa, Norma, Chris and Laura.

Met my cottage buds... Hey Marnie, I'm a very educated woman now!!!
Diane, THANK YOU... I'd have never known that those elks were there if you didn't take me there... and IKEA too

Carolyn, Dawn, Cathy, Tina... so good to see you.

First time CHA-goer... overwhelmed for sure! So if I'm missing anyone, please forgive me and my fried brain.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Off to Chicago

I was working on a Zsiage Sod last night till 3.30pm. After my last eye doctor appointment, I had a hard time adjusting to my new contacts... not a good time! Anyhow, I'm feeling a bit better now... hope things go well at CHA... my first.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I was invited to join the team yesterday... feels good!!
This weekend has been solely family time... needed that. My kids are so delighted today. We got the new Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus CD and sang along and danced to it... Ashis cooked dinner... so exhausted and feeling content...

Friday, July 13, 2007


Love the layout in August CK - the one that says "Tag, You Are It" - awesome :)Ali
I got this email from ALI EDWARDS... my HERO. Amazing, how she thought about me and took the time to let me know... totally touched! Thanks so much Ali. Can't even begin to tell you how much this means to me.
Finally, I did get me August CK yesterday... its full of HOFer goodies among other inspiring ideas.

And now, I'm holding my breath. Didn't make the first cut in the Rusty Pickle DT. But out of goodness of her heart, Tasha extended an offer to the remaining 7... give me three RP pubs in the next 6 months and you are in.
And between Monday when the team was announced and Friday, TODAY, I was lucky enough to get all three: 1 for Paper Crafts, 1 for Memory Makers and 1 for Scrap Art Zine(Germany)...talk about MOTIVATION and HOPE!!
Now, I hope to make the cut. Wish me luck!

My opthalmologist appointment went well yesterday... still a bit blurry from the dilation though. Now, gotta take care of chores. See you in a few

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've been tagged

Now, that I am tagged (Hi Miriam), here we go... the first 5 and 2 more
*I did not enter SOY this year. I want to enjoy my HOF year fully.
*I agree with Miriam, I love my Cocoa Daisy Kits too(thanks Tricia)

Speaking of Cocoa Daisy, check this out
Drop by http://www.cocoadaisy.com/ and play along with us.

On a sad note, I hate to see my old hangout http://www.cropperscottage.com/ close its doors.
I have made great friends there. Kim, Shannon, I'm so sorry that this didn't work out.

The HOF book will come out in October. I really like the layouts from my entry that got picked for the book. Can't wait to see the whole book with all of our works in it.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

So, a whole month later...

I'm back to blogging.
Trust me, I wasn't lazy, I was very very busy! Most of it was non-scrapbook-related. And even though its hard to believe, our stairs are still NOT DONE!!!!

Hubby is is in major redecorating mode. He wants new furniture everywhere. I'm not enjoying this. I was comfy and happy... and this is not a good time to go furniture shopping. Its hot. it rains. And I have other things to do. But trying to go with the flow...

On SBR front, this is on the cards

I am teaching three layout classes here.
The Most Useful Lesson
Your Passion
Spirit of Gentleness

The schedule and class descriptions are in the specified sections of their website.


And of course, there is the Rusty Pickle AMAZING RACE II which is well, AMAZING!!
And we are all under the weather...AGAIN!!
My uncle passed away last week. My cousin had to get married in a haste a week before that. Glad he was able to see his only daughter get married before dying. At least, he is free of pain now.

Nini had a dance recital. She was ok. It's going to be a quest for both of us to find out what she really loves, what she is good at and what her calling is. I just hope she can stay true to her own heart in life.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

First of many

Graduations that is...

Last night was very special for Nini and very emotional for me. She graduated PreK singing "God Bless America" right in front of 200 or so people. And I stood there taking pictures and wiping my eyes. Boy, these milestones are coming at me so fast that it hurts.
My room is still waiting for planks of wood and then I'll take pics and post. Its so not fancy, but useful. I'll also post some sneak peeks of Cocoa Daisy June Kit. Its Fab!!!
Now I have to think up a memorable gift for my 4-year-old grad.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mission Organization: ACCOMPLISHED

Ahhh!!! RELIEF...

I had cleaned like crazy and now I can see my floor!!!

The cabinets we had looked into didn't quite suit our purpose, so we built our own simple units and that houses my paper and albums and I am satisfied...

now the challenge is not to buy unnecessarily and to maintain the system...

We will be adding a few more shelves, but more or less I'm done and now theoretically I should get my mojo back now that the clutter is gone!

Now for the floors and stairs... that's so not in my control. Its unbelievable what was promised to take 4 days is incomplete even after 4 weeks.

Now I need to redo Nini's room, the master bedroom and the walk-in closet... a tall order, but hoping to get done in a week.

Meanwhile we changed our service provider to FIOS... we had their service for over a year and now added a few more with enhanced service. Lets see how that works.

I havent scrapped or blogged or even surfed the net for days now... but, I did garden a bit. Trimmed my succulents and made trips to Home Depot for soil, fertilizer, wood and what not.

Home Depot trips are always so much fun. Saw a new light there... its gorgeous!!!

And here's the link to the Creating Keepsakes online article honoring Dads


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Its almost done

... Yep, the stairs are almost done. Hopefully, they'll finish today. Then we want to spend the rest of the day at Busch Gardens. A little bit of grocery to be done and then a lot of cleaning... there's dust everywhere, the laundry's a mess... once things are put back to their normal spots that will free up a lot of floor space. Then it will be Windex time. So, that's where the next two days are gonna go. We are also thinking of getting some cabinets for the scraproom. And hopefully... finally... I'll be ORGANIZED!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Long Time No See

Well, the stairs are still not complete. Its been going on FOREVER... the dust and noise are causing all of us miserable. I'm living in the hope that once its done, it will be great!

Now about being tagged... by now I'm sure everyone has lost interest, still...

So, LINDA here are 7 random facts/habits about me
1. I love McDonald's Coke
2. I can't dance
3. I run like a duck
4. I swim like a fish
5. My favorite movie is "Finding Nemo".
6. I have lost count of how many times I have read "Gone With The Wind".
7. I want to travel Europe before I die.

And Kim... since, you left it all to us to choose, I'll list three of my very fave FOOD... Well!!!
1. Hot & Spicy Pilau Biryani (Indian)
2. New England Clam Chowder
3. Mango Firni (Indian)

So, who do I tag now? Umm... well, how about no one in particular!!! Anyone and everyone can play... just post your answers in your blogs and post me a link so I can read all about it too.

Monday, April 30, 2007


This is from my Cocoa Daisy May Kit. Visit the site
for more inspiration. And if you have never tried a kit before, try one by Cocoa Daisy.It will be worth every penny. Tricia puts together the best kits ever. And I LOVE her kits.

I've been and probably will a bit longer MIA... reasons being, I have a bad head cold and something wrong with my stomach too, can't keep anything down.
on top of this we have renovation going on in the house...but I'm mostly in bed, but the moise and dust are killing me
so, if you tagged me and I didn't do anything about it or you e-mailed me and i didn't respond, I'm sorry, I'll try to catch up asap.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So, I'm back

Boy, the last few days had been as hectic as it gets...
I worked Friday and Saturday. Scrapped some stuff. But my to do list is still soo long. To top it all off, I don't feel so good... tired, my throat hurts along with the rest of me.
But I have organized my DCWV, Zsiage and some other papers and embellies... shouldn't have taken long, but it did as I sat there admiring each sheet of paper, gellies, chippies...ahhh, WeLL!

My Omie is 2 now with all the perks that come with it...lol! And I am loving it. Feels like time's flying faster with him than it did with Nini...

Need to scoot.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And Making Memories Idol II

Huge Congrats to you Joey. This is my second blog post of the day in your honor. Great job!
Even though I didn't win, I am happy for you. Enjoy.

And now I have to get ready to celebrate my son's birthday tomorrow


A friend of mine on a message board asked us all a question in an attempt to know us all a little better: What is one favorite thing that we can't imagine life without?
I couldn't come up with an answer. Yes, I have a really long list of favorite things... but nothing seemed indispensable... Why I wondered? In grade school, I had favorite pencils that I didn't wanna use cause they were so favorite, chocolates that I ate like a mouse cause I didn't wanna finish because I loved them or because someone I loved dearly gave it to me... all really special stuff... that I wanted to last all eternity...
We didn't have a camera, let alone scrapbooks... I don't have photos to look back at... loved ones of whom all I have left are sweet memories that will remain in my heart always... just no objects to back them up or pass on... so, now I use words to record those memories so my children can read about them and imagine their loving faces
Then I left almost everything behind and came to the US... what I did bring with me didn't work here, so they got obsolete eventually and without knowing or thinking about it consciously, my favorites switched from tangible objects to things that are not things at all... memories, feelings of being loved and wanted and needed, faith, beliefs, friendships... I have no clue when all this happened... I guess 7 years is a long time and an overseas move alters more than I could have imagined... Yes, I do want my dad's fountain pen and anything from my mom to pass on... but its the story that will make a difference, the story I tell in my scrapbooks. Now I am beginning to understand the value of enjoying every day and building wonderful memories along the way

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Today, I was reading all the comments again... so emotionally overwhelming to see so many of you taking the time to visit and leave comments on our blogs. Thank you for sharing your favorite food with me... as I read, I kept saying, "Oh That's my favorite too", "I think I want some now"...very appetizing posts...lol

And Wilna, saying thank you won't be adequate for your thoughfulness... you are someone I look up to not just for your art, but for who you are.

Having a family thousands of miles away is not great, specially, when you hear they are sick. Not one, not two but three people are very sick. my grandma, mom's mom is deteriorating every day. One of my uncles has been diagnosed with a brain tumor which could be fatal if operated on. And the dearest one of all, my mom suddenly blacked out in the drug store yesterday morning... then almost got electrocuted while working in the kitchen in the evening. Thankfully, the electrician came immediately to fix the problem. The girl who helps out with housework came back this morning, so hopefully things will get back under control. Yesterday was very rough for mom. Usually, she tells me all's well so I don't worry, but I can feel the sense of discomfort even when noone says anything. I had been miserable all day feeling stupid and useless

On a more positive note, Nini got her Orange Belt in Karate. She brought home the board she broke for the test signed by her teacher. No broken board is more precious to me than this one.

Om is going to turn two in two days. Already?

Monday, April 16, 2007

MMIdol Voting Today

The projects for Challenge # 7 are up now at http://www.makingmemories.com/mmidol/index.cfm

We were given four black and white photos of a little boy called Zeke and we had to create a clean, simple, classic yet innovative photo decor fit for any nursery.

Well, I am very happy how mine turned out... I love the clean and clear look . It was really fun working with Zeke's photos. When I saw the photos, I instantly knew that my focus will be on the relationship rather than the individual photos, which BTW are just super cute. what a beautiful family

Going back to simple and clean was great. Very different from last week, but somehow, it all works. I can see me in it even though these are different projects. Thanks to Making Memories, my creativity has learned to become elastic...lol... ornate to simple and back and back. Just experimenting every week has become so much fun. I am loving how even I could come up with totally different nursery decor project within a week's span. The ladder was so different from this one... just because of a little shift in focus from innovative to simple.

Hope people like what I am doing and not think that I am too crazy... lol

Friday, April 13, 2007

Playing today

Here's one of my Hall Of Fame layouts... it has been up on the CK site for a few days now...
Its all about my dreams, my efforts in adjusting to a foreign culture where I had to relearn practically every life skill, everyday necessities like language and food to redefining happiness.

I was reading Wilna's post in the MMIdol Blog this Wednesday and it felt like she was speaking my mind about success and failure. My dad taught me the same. I became serious about scrapbooking in January 2006 and have lost count of my failures... but over this time, I grew as a person, each time wiped my tears and kept going, hoping for light around the corner... that's what the above layout says... "There's No Telling How Many Miles You Have To Run While Chasing A Dream"

Now, back to something more light hearted and fun...lol.
What I miss most from back home is the food... the SPICY HOT INDIAN FOOD!!!
So, what is your favorite food?
Leave your answer in a comment here and you just might win a RAK from Wilna Furstenberg, the reigning MMIdol... check for more details here http://www.wilnaf.com/

P.S. Today, I'm playing... with my papers, stickers, paints... I am toying with different ideas for Challenge # 7 of MMIdol... all I need now are the photos. I did go on Thursday, but the printer was broken, so I'll give a try today...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm in the Top 3 of MMIdol

The last challenge is up... when I got Jenny's e-mail, I don't know why I started crying... Almost two months, 6 challenges later, feels like I have become a different person, how much I have grown creatively... each challenge brought out something in me that I didn't know existed, discovered friendships that I didn't think were possible, got encouragement from people whom I have never met... My faith has deepened, I don't know when I stopped creating for the sake of the challenges, it's all me, no restraints... only the joy of art
I had never cropped photos of someone I didn't know before, but during this last challenge that barrier broke... I was comfortable even though I didn't know the little girl in the photo. Thanks Making Memories for this process of creative growth... YOU SURELY FREED THE GYPSY WITHIN ME
Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote... YOU made all the difference.

Monday, April 09, 2007

MMIdol Voting Today

The projects for Challenge # 6 are up now at http://www.makingmemories.com/mmidol/index.cfm

We were given three black and white photos of a little girl called Hanna and we had to use chipboard as the main accent. To be creative with any chipboard in a way no one thought of before. Well, I am very happy how mine turned out... I love the richness of it. It was really fun working with photos of someone I don't know. This was my first. Combining different manufacturer's chipboards was so fun too. Pushing the creative envelope has never been more fun. With every challenge, I'm learning more about myself, my style. Thanks to Making Memories, I am encouraged to try new things or old things in new ways. Hope people like what I am doing and not think that I am too crazy... lol

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy as a bunny

Yep that's an egg carton wearing a hula skirt...lol
This one was so much fun to do with Nini and my DCWV stuff. We used plastic eggs, cause I have no clue how to use real ones... moreover this is more durable too...lol
Even though we don't celebrate Easter, its always wonderful to get into the festive spirit.
So, HAPPY EASTER everyone.
My MMIdol layout is all done... boy, this time I ran to the store so many times searching for the right stuff, but then went back to good old innovation to make the best of what I could get. But I have to thank Maria... without her this one would have turned out very different. Can you believe only one set of FP swirl chipboard survived the 40% off sale... all because the packaging was damaged and it was waiting just for me in a dusty little corner in the office. I tell you, I feel God's presence sometimes even in dusty little corners... I am really happy with how the page turned out. The MM chipboards are really fun to use too and during these challenges, I fell in love with everything Fresh Anthology.
My Cocoa Daisy kit is totally exhausted... not a piece of paper left uncut. Loved using every bit of it. 3 pages, 1 card, 1 zippered mini, 1 altered item... I am starting to enjoy coordinated kits, thanks to Tricia. It's very relaxing.
Friday evening, we went to a birthday party at Pump It Up. You won't see pics cause I was too busy having fun to remember to take the camera out... lol. I am starting to love that place... so fun to play... and it's ok for even moms to jump and scream and be a kid again... well, I guess, I got a bit carried away and sprained my ankle. It's still swollen and hurts... but it was still worth it... lol
Now, I have to get started with my Croppers' Cottage kit. I think I have an idea...
And on another note, I made the Zsiage DT... I love their India themed papers and films ... Just the right patterns and colors and feel for me.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm in the Top 5 of MMIdol

I'm excited to say the least. Thank you SO MUCH for voting and specially if you voted for me.

I'm so glad and excited about the next challenge.

Nini is doing better. We had pizza tonight. I ate way more than I needed to. I'm so tired today. Tired mostly from stress. Glad I had the Cocoa Daisy kit to keep me busy for some time.

It's getting hotter and hotter in Florida. Almost like Spring hardly came after the brief winter. Our seeds are sprouting. Om is too curious to see and often pulls the whole sproutlet out of the pot to examine...hmmm... I need to get used to little boys...lol. Seeing seeds sprout brings me joy like no other...

Today, I realized that our back patio is the most organized part of the whole house right now...
I need to clean up... the longer I wait, the scarier it gets. Once all the floors are done, things will probably get a bit simpler. Right now, its part carpet, part wood. So much for my ocean blue carpet... nautical theme decor!!! What was I thinking...lol... but thankfully I have learned to accept that kids are more precious than spotless carpets and neat shell displays and that sand should not be part of indoor candle arrangements... lol...

Doing better hopefully

Today, Nini's eyes are more open, not so swollen any more. Hoping she will feel better today

Monday, April 02, 2007

This is how

my little girl came home from daycare today!!!

She took a nap after lunch and she woke up even worse than this. The teacher immediately called us and we took her to the doctor. couple of doses of Benadryl and eyedrops later, she could open her eyes. I was shocked and scared to see her like this. I kept trying to retrace her every step to figure out what happened. She did not fall down or got poked somehow... but through the entire thing, she stayed so brave and explained everything to me patiently... I hope my poor little girl is better by morning.
In the midst of all this, Om realized something was wrong with his big sister and so he kept giving Nini tight hugs, some drooly kisses, brought her his toys, gave her his cookie... and he's not even 2 yet...
When they napped very late in the afternoon... I got a few stuff done just to keep myself busy...

MMIdol Voting Today

The projects for Challenge # 5 are up now at

I love what I made with my baby's stuff. It was so much fun to try something that is new and different in presentation, something no one did before... to the best of my knowledge.
I wonder... can people identify me by looking at my project? If they can , I'll know that I am on the right track in developing my own style...
I have to admnit I am enjoying this process thoroughly

Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm breathing again...

PHEW...my box made it...finally


I have to admit I'm not handling this very well. Nope, not the MMIdol challenge...which BTW I am loving and enjoying.
This is a different challenge. I had mailed my HOF Layouts this Monday by USPS priority at the local UPS store which is where I could find a notary whom I paid $10 for one siggie and my delivery confirmation number still shows no record of the item. I've called, e-mailed, whined... but nothing yet. Today is the deadline and I AM GONNA DIE!!! I can't have that box delayed or lost... Should I kill myself to end the pain?
Of course, I can't do something else to keep me busy, no, not possible for me... I'm pretty much in tears right now...
On a more positive note, I got my first box of goodies from DCWV... and it's a HUGE box... but I can't do anything with it because I'm going crazy

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm in the Top 10 of MMIdol

I'm excited to say the least. Thank you SO MUCH for voting and specially if you voted for me.

Today was stressful. One my friends was due on May 16. She went in for a regular OB visit last Wednesday and had to admitted for observation. She was running low on amniotic fluid. The overnight observation led to a decision that she needs to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks. Well, the very next day she was transferred to another hospital which is better equipped to handle emergencies in case one arose. They scheduled a surgery for the week of April 1st. Last night at 6pm, they were told that they will do a C-section this morning. The scheduled 7.30 surgery took place around 11 am. None of us could contact them all day. This last hour, I heard from another friend that she is doing ok and the baby boy is in an incubator. She will be released this Friday, don't know when the baby gets to come home. I feel so relieved that things turned out ok. Thanks to the doctors who cared for her. Her in-laws are coming tomorrow and we are visiting tomorrow as well. So, HUGE CONGRATS to Madhuri and Sameer, welcome to parenthood!!!

I have so much to do but I'm not doing anything... lol. Can someone lend me some enthusiasm? I just wanna eat and sleep, talk about LAZY...

Monday, March 26, 2007

MMIdol Voting Today

So, these are my projects for MM Idol Challenge # 4. The theme is party. And the challenge is to create something unique, use regular supplies in a unique way.
I chose the theme "BLOOM" ... you are invited to Bloom. It is a gardening party where guests and hosts plant seeds in pots to welcome Spring and to create a greener Earth. This theme is so close to my heart. Digging moist warm earth and watching seeds sprout is my favorite Spring activity. Now, my kiddos are hooked too. So, I took a picture of Nini holding up some seeds right before potting them and used it in my invitation.
The party decor was the most innovative idea on my part. I created a wind chime, yep, a working windchime, using Spring chipboard shapes, ribbon, flowers, brads, clips and mailbox letters. It was way hard to photograph as the breeze kept blowing it around...and then, I said to myself, hey, that's what it's supposed to do. I am very happy with the way it sounds when the mailbox letters touch each other and it really CHIMES...lol.
I can hook it above the potting table out of dirt's way also to make more room on the table or hang a few of them from shepherd's hooks or tree branches during the party and hope that it doesn't rain...lol.
It was difficult to photograph the windchime. Ashis helped. He held up a board to block the wind a bit. But you get the idea.
I planned the party favors to encourage guests to garden as well. I made each guest a potting/gardening journal/log to save the details of potting day, 1st sprouts, sun/shade requirement, watering schedule, etc. I put this with a couple of seed packets and pen in a small pail which I embellished to match.
Thanks to Making Memories, I pushed myself creatively...it is kinda satisfying to see how differently I have come to use my scrapbooking supplies. Once again, please visit http://www.makingmemories.com/mmidol/index.cfm and vote.And if you are voting for me, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

Sunday, March 25, 2007

MMIdol Challenge 4 is uploaded and ready

These challenges are like creative exercises... and unlike real work out, I am happy to make the time for these... lol!

Today, we had a fun day...It was sunny, breezy, warm...my kinda day... we soaked in the spa with the kids for a long time. The pool heater made it so cozy I could fall asleep right there. Then, Ashis got the floaties in and the kiddos had a lot of fun inside the spa... not much space, but just enough to fit a small family of 4.

Then we went out for lunch and did grocery on our way home. I took some pics today and got them printed as well and when we got back, I scrapped a couple of pages with the new photos... I know, unbelievable... but ever since I gave up the notion of chronological scrapping, I am happy and don't feel guilty if I have a lifetime of photos left to scrap...that's the thing, scrapbooking is NOT a duty...

At Sam's I met our neighbors... they said they saw me taking pics outside... well, that was me taking pics of my project for challenge 4... lol

Dinner's almost ready now, Ashis is on a conference call, Nini went to bed and Om is up and busy after a short nap.

Voting for MMIdol starts tommorrow. I'll upload my project here tomorrow.

Ashis is ready and we are gonna eat dinner... finally

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Busy day

Is that you Wilna? Oh my gosh!!! I'm so thrilled. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We all have been busy... Ashis with his work, Om with his mischief, Nini with her coloring crayons and me... well, spending money... lol! That sounds bad, doesn't it! Man, in 2 weeks , I have spent over $600 in scrapbooking supplies. Today, I got a very brief COLLEGE FUND lecture from you know who... boy, I feel so low...

So, what have I been buying? Not just Making Memories stuff, which BTW, I never can seem to get enough of, and Heidi Swapp and 7 Gypsies and Basic Grey and...well, I'm sure you get the idea. Nini bought HS stickers... that chick is hooked I tell you and she's only 4...

Last night, we had praline n cream icecream at Baskin Robbins. So, yummy, so fatty... aah, the guilty pleasures of life...lol!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Still shaking...

It is yet to sink in fully...
The phone had rung at 3.50pm EDT on Monday. I talked to Lisa Bearnson. I don't remember anything from the conversation...talk about short term memory loss...lol. It was a strange feeling... After I hung up, I was quiet for a few minutes... The caller ID didn't show 801 area code, but there was an Anonymous call... After a week of high fever, I could very well be hallucinating or just thinking wishfully. Till later that night, I was still secretly stressing that it was all a dream and I didn't want to wake up... there was no way to make sure if it really happened... then there was an e-mail from Jana Lillie of CK... and finally, it became real... Hall of Fame 2007, a dream come true.

My MMIdol Challenge # 4 project is under way... well in my head mostly...

2 days in a row, I can't get hold of my PCP... If this is a life-threatening emergency, hang up and dial 911... the recording doesn't say what to do if it is not life-threatening emergency, even though it is terribly painful... lol.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm in the Top 15 of MMIdol

I'm excited. Thanks to everyone who persevered despite technical glitches and voted for me.

And thanks to all of you who left me such sweet comments. Makes me so happy to see people visiting my blog. When I started blogging mid-January this year, I wasn't sure why to start a blog, my family back home in India doesn't even have access to the internet, who will read my ramblings... lol! But I did anyways, because, I always loved keeping journals of the bitter sweet nothings of my life. And then, I'm a scrapbooker, I don't want to forget the little things that can't stand the test of time.

Ashis is crazy busy...I don't think he has slept more than 8 hours total in the last three-four days.

I'll have to see my PCP tomorrow, my ears won't stop hurting. I have given it almost a week now...but it doesn't want to get better. Man, I hate to wait at the doctor's office.
My April CK isn't here yet, or the new complimentary Legacy to keep me happy during the wait. I have to pick up the latest PaperCrafts and drool over Marnie's work...

So, I'm ready to wrap up for the day. The kiddos are sleepy but still struggling to stay up...

We used up 5 boxes of double ply Kleenex this week...blowing our noses...I'd have to say, that's my personal best so far...lol

Monday, March 19, 2007

MMIdol Voting Today

Ok, so here is my project for Challenge#3 of MMIdol. We were restricted to basics. And I didn't even use everything that was allowed...lol. It was a lot of fun. This one is a 16x20 poster that I created with 2 pieces of 8.5x11 cardstock, patterned papers, rub-ons, stickers, trims, buttons, different styles of brads and multicolored Zig Writers. I pulled everything together with my free hand drawing. After a very long time, I created something without using paint. But I love the feel of whimsy. Hope you will feel the same way. Thanks to Making Memories, I pushed myself creatively...it is kinda satisfying to see how differently I have come to use the basics now.
Once again, please visit http://www.makingmemories.com/mmidol/index.cfm and vote.
And if you are voting for me, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

On the Health front, things are are still not looking good. I have blood work scheduled. I have a nagging feeling that I will be diagnosed to be diabetic. All the symptoms are there. It would take a miracle to avoid that. Oh man, I hate to prick myself several times each day to check my status, and that makes writing or stitching so much harder. I know this from my days of gestational diabetes. Eek!!!

Today, Ashis is pre-registering Nini for preK at Primrose. We missed the cutoff for the county schools. She's under age, but we didn't want to waste a whole year... man, I'm gonna bawl now...only yesterday, we brought her home from the hospital, 6 puny lbs. of pure blessing and now school's starting...and before I know, time will escape me and she'll be all grown up. I have no clue how I am ever gonna handle that.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

MMIdol Challenge 3 is done and uploaded finally

This week I felt that I won't be able to deliver. Nope, it was not the challenge. It was my health. Boy, I still feel so week. My ears hurt so bad, I can hardly hear. And my eyes and my head... Anyways, I sat down yesterday and did my project. Being restricted to basics was actually fun. Of course, I haven't seen the Show and Tell book and so I'm clueless as to what great ideas are in there or how it would have affected my project choice...lol. But for now, I'm just showing and telling what I can do with what is allowed. Hope people don't think I'm too crazy...lol.
Voting will open tomorrow, Monday morning 11am EDT and continue till 7pm EDT Tuesday.

Ashis has been crazy busy for the whole week too. I have cooked minimally. There's a load of laundry thats taller than me ...waiting to be sorted, folded, pressed, put away...

Since the last MMIdol project, Nini wants to do more projects with me and that makes me very happy. Hopefully, I can manage to do something with her today.

These days, I can't seem to get enough of the Prima Aurora Collection. Last night, I finished my rusty Pickle layouts for the Cottage. What seemed impossible to handle at the start, turned out to be pretty easy and fun actually.

Off to take a smallish nap before I fall face flat on my desk and bleed on my Prima...lol

Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm still wobbly

Yeah... my feet and the rest of me are kinda wobbly. I am hoping to feel better so I can get up and finish my MMIdol project. Thanks to everyone who sent good health vibes and sweet comments my way. It means a lot to me.
Today Scrapbooks, Etc. picked a layout of Om. My very first ever with Scrapbooks, Etc. I think this was the second time I submitted to them. I have loved that magazine for some time now. Of course, CK was the first ever scrapbook magazine I had ever seen and it had blown me away completely.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm in the top 25 of MMIdol

I'm excited. Thanks to everyone who persevered despite technical glitches and voted for me.

And I'm very sick. can't keep my head up.

I got calls for 3 more pages from 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas by Memory Makers. I almost didnt submit these. But when they picked the only unpublished one of the two I had sent, I got encouraged and sent these on the very last day. It is my first time when every layout I sent got picked. I dont know why I never considered submitting to Memory Makers before. So far, I have submitted only to Creating Keepsakes, Legacy(now, Somerset Memories) and CardMaker. So, basically, I'm happy today

I'm thankful

I have to say, I could get this project for MM Idol done only because of Ashis. We are all very sick since last week and right now, throw-up, going dizzy, losing balance kinda sick... yet he looked after the kids who are just as sick and whiny on top. It didn't take long to do the project. Poor Nini had to lie down in between painting. and then she could write, although I was worried that she just might throw up on the project... she was coughing so hard. So, thanks to Ashis, Nini, Om and all who are voting for me. For those who have tried and failed to vote, please try to come back and vote... I wish things were perfect where there were no glitches but sadly, I have no control over these things. Only 25 people will move to the next round. I'd really love to to be able to move to the next round. For now, I'm just going to create something as I am way too agitated to rest... if i could only stop coughing and have a little stability

Monday, March 12, 2007

MM Idol Voting today

The MM site is up and running. Voting's on from morning. Thanks to everyone who are voting for me. I'm excited about this project as it truly reveals my daughter's personality at 4 in colors and words. I'm jittery. Hope you like what Nini and I made and vote for us. Here's the link http://www.makingmemories.com/mmidol/index.cfm
Because here I am nothing without you.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

MM Idol Challenge # 2 is done and uploaded finally

Today, I started my day early. That's unusual for me. BTW, early means 8am or actually 7am(daylight savings). Nini has been sleeping in my bed all week. Poor thing's just too sick to be on her own. She couldn't sleep well and each time I had to wake up to comfort her... so basically, at 7, I decided to give up trying to fall asleep.
Last night, I had finished my project for challenge # 2 of MM idol. Nini was extremely excited to be invited to contribute to Mommy's project. She painted parts of it, some yellow, all of the purple in her own style... she won't do the green as that's not her favorite color. So anyways, after spending time together watching the paint dry and answering all the questions she can think of, we got to the part where she could write on the project. That went well too. It was so much fun to do something together for a contest. Usually, I like to keep our projects separate but thanks to Making Memories, we broke that barrier yesterday.
The morning was too foggy, still managed to take pictures of the project and was ready to upload. That's where I almost got a nervous breakdown. For hours, and by that I mean, 8 hours, I tried opening the link, emailing and posting if it was just me or the site. Eventually, I did upload it. I had one from before but I thought I liked this new project better and hence the updated uploading delay.
Anyways, it's on. Hope you guys like it enough to vote for me. Counting on your continued support totally.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Cocoa Daisy Sneaky peeky

Tricia from Cocoa Daisy gave me the green to go ahead and post sneak peeks of my projects for the April kit. So here it is. There's more, but can't disclose right now.

I'm almost done with my MM Idol Challenge 2 project. Can't decide if I am done or will add something.

on the home front, both kids are horribly terribly sick. Om's running a temp of 104 degrees... thats way too high for the dude of 21 months. He has upper respiratory infection. Thats what the doctor said today. You have to hear him cough. It's just terrible!!!

Nini is running a temperature too. Last night, she was crying so much from ear ache that Ashis had to take her to the After hours pediatrics. She has a Strep throat.

SO, ANTIBIOTICS GALORE HERE in the Sarkar residence... and fever reducers and pain killers and antacids and gatorade and of course, CLARITIN and Zyrtec!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Memory Makers 601 Great Scrapbooking Ideas

My layout got picked for their upcoming publication '601 Great Scrapbooking Ideas' . I got the email. This was the very first time I submitted to them. 1 lo I had to withdraw as it was already in my gallery. They picked the other 1. I had made the page a while back. Glad they liked it. Thanks Memory Makers. YAY

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Shaking, smiling and basically looking insane

WOW!! MM posted Top 30 and I'm in it...
I'm in that list only because of YOU...
Please be back next Monday to MMIdol and vote again.
Yours truly

New News

But first things first, THANKS once more to each one of you who voted for me on MMIdol. Voting ends today at 2pm EST. So, if you haven't voted, please hurry

Now the new things:
Legacy, now Somerset Memories has picked my very favorite travel album for publication consideration. I love Legacy magazine.

Scrap-Art-Zine, a German magazine, has expressed interest in featuring my work in their column for international scrappers in their Summer 2007 issue. I'm thrilled!

And here's the QVC schedule straight from Megan's email
Day: March 8th
Time: 2am EST
Products: Old World Paper
Monogram Stickers
Laser Card and Tags
Ribbon Mania- non-printed
Adhesive Cardstock Ribbon and Tabs
Colored Vellum saying Stacks
Rub-on Stitching alphabets (**new)

And in yesterday's nervous day, I finished my projects for Cocoa Daisy. Kind of loving the stress-free effect on the pages as the kit was super fabulous to work with.

I can't post any pics of the things I made because I'd be violating copyrights if I do.

Monday, March 05, 2007


I'm shaking... ecitement, disbelief, joy!Finally, I made a manufacturing DT...DCWV announced their new DT tonight and my name's there... for real!

MMIdol voting today

The MM site is up and running. Voting's on from morning. Thanks to everyone who are voting for me. I'm jittery. Basically, cant get anything done.
Tricia Canonico chose me to be a Guest Designer for her kit club Cocoa Daisy, http://cocoadaisy.com/ for April. So, I got a very gorgeous and generous kit from her. I can't explain how exotic this kit is. Well-coordinated is an understatement. its beautiful and versatile.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boy, yesterday was a stressful day, hitting refresh buttons everwhere and checking e-mails practically every second... I'm going to make it different today. I won't be so flustered. So, to calm my nerves, I'm creating pages and experimenting and loving the results.
MM Idol voting resumes Monday. Fresh start. I want to thank everyone who did or tried to vote for me. I can't even begin to tell you how much that means to me. In a contest like this, that's what decides the outcome. So, please come back and vote once more.
At 2Peas, I found this girl Selena who was so sweet to have taken the time to study and comment positively on each entry. That is incredible! Makes you feel wanted! And if you are reading this Selena, THANK YOU.

Idol Voting

This is my entry for the "All About Me" challenge round 2 of MM Idol.
The MM site was down all day preventing many people from voting. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. If you want to know more about this contest and vote, please visit

MM Idol Voting

These were my MM entries from round 1

Sunday, February 25, 2007

MM Idol Challenge1

Tomorrow is the deadline for uploading the project for Challenge 1 of MM Idol(http://www.makingmemories.typepad.com/mmidol/). I'm still not sure which one to enter. Hope I can choose the right one eventually. Then its all upto voting. Hope I get some votes too.

Friday, February 23, 2007


My March CK is here. loving it. working on some just for fun layouts. My Making Memories trimmer is here. I simply love to get packages in the mail. And I do get a lot cause, I'm always ordering stuff online...ebay, scrapbook supplies, odds and ends!
I'm noticing how my scrapbooking style has evolved. Hopefully, for the better. I'm happy because Nini is starting to take interest in scrapbooking. She's just 4 and it's interesting to look at things through her eyes.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today is the day of 2nd round of DT uploads at the Croppers Cottage. This month's sponsor was Prima. I really loved this assignment. I simply played with the gorgeous papers and dainty accents. Aurora is by far my most fave Prima collection. So, I wanted to try someting new, well new for me at least... I don't usually do these kind of pages, but it was really fun.
I'm also really pumped about the new BG and HS. can't wait to get my hands on them!
Hi Susan, thanks for visiting me... although I'm still waiting for my March CK, I did get to see your lo about grammar while was quickly flipping through at the store. Love the style and colors. Can't wait for a closer and better look. BTW, I also loved your Slices of Key West lo in a previous issue. YOU ARE ROCKING!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Day

I couldn't sleep last night. I went to bed at 3. Of course, I was scrapbooking! what else can keep me up that late! But then I couldn't sleep. So, I lay on bed and listened to the rain, the wind and other noises that I couldn't tell the sources of. I can't tell when I dozed off. I woke up to a very grumpy Ashis. Of course, he won't say a thing. But this time, instead of playing the guessing game, Nini and I made him a card. I made the dog in a hat and Nini wrote my name and put the doll in the doll in the dog's mouth.
That put a smile on his face.
I'm making a travel album of California road trip that we took in 2005. Yeah, I'm that far behind and I'm totally ok with that. I believe in working on stuff that I want to at any given time and I don't even care about chronological order any more.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day.

A little early but special nonetheless... Ashis isn't the kind who believes in romantic expressions... In fact, he believes that love is best expressed in taking responsibility and that cards, gifts, etc. are not what makes things work out between two people. As for me, I need both... kinda high maintenance I guess. So, its pretty obvious that Valentine's Day is just another day of the year in our house. Not that, I haven't gotten any Valentine's gift from him in the past, but its not something I expect. So, last night I was pleasantly surprised when I got a bouquet of red roses and box full of heart-shaped chocolates. It was so sweet!

Monday, February 12, 2007

My brain is fried...no mojo, no push! So, I'm walking around mojoless. Not good!

This I did a long time back. I need fresh energy and inspiration right now.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My latest fascination is clear stamps Autumn Leaves, KI Memories and of course, Technique Tuesday.
Also having fun with Prima Papers. The Aurora Collection is my latest favorite. YUM!

Twice? Back to back? in 1 day?

Ok... I'm a messy blogger...can't seem to get organized.
Here's a shout out to my friend Cami...Girl, you are rocking! Fancy Pants, Technique Tuesday, Queen and Co. ...MAJOR WOW! Also wanted to let you know that we(me and kiddos) always have fun when we are with you and the girls.

I'm back

This has been a mixed feeling week.
There were some upsets and some happiness. Kids are sick with strep throat. I'm too exhausted for anything. Spent a lot of money on scrapbooking ...again!
I won a prize from Making Memories through Ruban Rouge. I'm getting a precision trimmer. Hopefully, finally, I'll be able to cut straight! Here are some of the stuff I did recently ... well I can't seem to upload photos again!

Nope got it!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Woo hoo... today is a good mail day... I got my complimentary copy of the Legacy magazine today...April issue. P.10-13 has all the finished pages of my altered calendar.
I am very fond of this magazine, the artwork are very artsy and a lot of them are vintage, shabby chic looking while some are very freestyle. overall, it strikes me! So happy to become part of it.
This Saturday, my CK Top 10 issue came finally. I get so excited to see my work in print...I guess, that's because this is fairly new to me and a wonderful way of sharing our art and our lives with others.
Tomorrow is our upload date at the cottage gallery...can't wait to see what everyone created.
I have watched 4 movies in the past two days.
Tonight I have to cook dinner.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Saturday Jan 6 2007 :

A very special day
Today was a very special day...I pushed myself to set up a blog that I had been planning to set up for ages. We went to a birthday party in the evening at Pump It Up. We went gift shopping before that. But what made it incredible was that I met Phyllis at Ruban Rouge. And she gave me a huge rolling tote full of craft goodies, a gift from Autumn Leaves, my most 'favoritest' (if I may borrow my 4-year-old's expression!) manufacturer ever. At Memory Trends, each day I stood at their booth and drooled for at least 20 minutes before starting out. In fact, when the Cream, Red and Black Collection hit the stores, I stocked up enough to last me a decade. It was so kind of them to congratulate me in such a special way for making the SOY finals. And, Phyllis is such a lovely lady. Thank you, Phyllis.I'm waiting for Ashis to finish up his office work, so we can finish up watching the movie that we had started watching before Christmas...yeah!I have to get all the new photos off my camera. So, now I'll go do that.

long time...no post

I am enjoying the KI Petshop a lot these days...this line's just too cute! And even if we don't have birds, it still works.